Aradhya is Shocked! Krishnadasi 7th july 2016 Episode Written Updates

Aradhya is Shocked! Krishnadasi 7th july 2016 Episode Written Updates : The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi begins with Tulsi gets shot by Aaba Saheb without him knowledge as Abba Saheb is not being aware of it that he shot her and Aaba Saheb is unable to believe so and he is too shocked.

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Krishnadasi Episode Written updates

It has been shown that Tulsi followed Raj and Purva while the driving car. Nakku came to Haveli and lights are switched off. Mark nd came there in a towel and said that water in not coming in the bathroom.

Shashwat check it and says it is okay and Nakku informed to Pavitra that Kumudini arrives in the Rao mansion to do drama. Now Nakku also told to Pavitra that Aaba left there to follow Tulsi and he was in anger.

Purva caught Tulsi but she pushed her away and run. Raj said that they have to kill her and asked her to stop. Shashwat said to Pavitra that someone has cut light. Nakku also criticised about Kumudini that she promised that she won’t allow the Rao family to live in peace.

Kumudini sits on Aaba’s throne for her peace. Kumudini shouts Vidyadhar Rao to come and have a fight. Aradhya was driving a car and followed Aaba. Aryan thought that he will clear all misunderstandings with Rao family.

Aradhya didn’t saw Aaba’s car. She tried to call Aryan and Tulsi was there on the tree. Raj saw Tulsi and runs behind her. Tulsi hit the stick Raj’s head and he falls down. Tulsi is now in the hut and she wishes to reveal some truth to both Aryan and Aradhya.

Actually, Tulsi wants to explain the dangerous plan of Raj and Purva to both Aradhya and Aryan. Tulsi saw Aradhya on a road and called her name. Raj and Purva caught Tulsi. Raj said that kill Aryan first and then Tulsi. They locked Tulsi in a hut.

Aryan saw Aradhya’s miscalls and called her back but her phone was switched off. Then he called Tulsi but her phone was in a jungle. Pavitra slapped Kumudini and Rao family is shocked with that and Aaba decided to kill Aryan.

Now in the jungle, Aaba was about to kill Aryan. But Tulsi got shot instead in order to save Aryan.