Are Viral Joshi And Aashay Shah Still Together After Indian Matchmaking

Today we are discussing viral news that Indian Matchmaking season 2 is now streaming. Indian Matchmaking’s Viral Joshi and Aashay Shah were a success story on the show. Facts about their current relationship status are available. Indian Matchmaking Season 2 featured Viral Joshi and Akshay Shah, and it’s time to discuss the current relationship status of the two reality alums, who were still dating each other six months later in Season 3. Viral, based in North Carolina, was the star of the Netflix show in 2022. The Ovo-Lacto-Semi-Vegetarian medicine developer from Durham was fiercely independent. Viral, 30, wanted a partner who was Gujarati, taller than her, and self-made.

After rejecting two of Sima Aunty’s proposed matches, Viral Kothari and Jaimin Mehta, the “Girl Boss” met Akshay Shah, 37, from New York, who was working as an optometrist. Viral’s furniture store date with her name on Indian Matchmaking didn’t stop her from finding an instant connection with Akshay. She thought they had chemistry, and their first rock-climbing date in North Carolina was very successful. Things got a little nasty when Viral went to meet Akshay in New York City. She is annoyed when he turns up late for a coffee date. However, by the time Indian Matchmaking Season 2 ended, Viral was envisioning the future with intent. As predicted, the story of their IM Season 3 was all butterflies and rainbows.

Viral and Ashay in New York in Season 3

Are Viral and Aashay still together

Indian Matchmaking cameras caught Viral and Ashay in New York in Season 3, with Viral talking to his friend Sara about getting a different job, a cat, and a new boyfriend. When forced to playfully admit that she thought Akshay was the one, she said yes, but admitted, “the deadline or the deadline” put her under pressure. When Akshay had to go to India to meet his parents, Viral accompanied him. Akshay’s parents immediately approved of Viral, and when he took Viral to a jeweler, it seemed that he too was going to buy a ring for her.

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