Are You Cut Out for Engineering? Here’s How to Find Out

Engineering is one of the top most career choices of students in India. No wonder millions tread on the path of JEE Mains preparationto realize this dream. Engineering is a profession that calls for the right mix of technical and soft skills. While sound knowledge of mechanics, software, and electronics might be inevitable, skills like communication, leadership, adaptability, and collaboration are equally significant.

Like any other profession, one must have the right acumen and aptitude before zeroing in on any career. Engineering too is no different. Only after a careful deliberation and assessment, one must decide to opt for this vocation.


Is engineering the right profession for me?

You must weigh your career decision by responding to the question that comes from within, “Is it right for me?” To answer this question correctly, you must explore all possible resources to acquire the fundamental knowledge of the profession. Only post the initial research, you should conduct a self-assessment to review of how well you align with being an engineer.

Listed below are a few questions that you must ask yourself before you dive into the engineering profession.

Do you enjoy solving problems?

Does calculation bother you or do you challenge yourself to solve the toughest numerical in the least possible time? If problems intrigue you and you have that zeal to understand and apply concepts and theorems to crack the hardest of problems, then you should surely go for the profession of Engineering. Problems, big or small shouldn’t deter an aspiring engineer. He or she must approach them with utmost enthusiasm and see it as an opportunity to learn.

Are you friends with Mathematics and Science?

Mathematics and Science need to be your best buddies if you are planning to become an engineer. Mathematical and analytical aptitude are a must to help you crack the tough engineering exams. Apart from having a penchant of solving mathematical equations, you must love to dig into Physics laws and Chemistry formulae. From chemistry fundamentals to Physics concepts , like motion, waves, or gravitation, you must learn to develop a deep sense of liking for them. Assess and find out if you are ready to spend your time with all these all through your life or not.

Does innovation excite you?

If novelty adds spark to your eyes, then engineering will excite you. Aspiring engineers are innovators. They continually devise better ways and techniques of pursuing even the routine things. Contrary to popular belief, engineers must be creative. They must develop fresh approaches and think of new ideas. If the idea of inventing newer things inspires you, then you certainly have what it takes to be an engineer.

Are you inquisitive to decipher how things work?

Are you a curious soul? Are you keen to figure out the complex mechanisms and principles at work behind the objects around you? For instance, do you keep wondering what makes a rocket fly or how a gadget works? Do you derive pleasure in repairing your electrical goods or remodeling them? If the answer is yes, then you have the traits of an engineer.

Do you wish to help others and improve their lives?

Improving the lives of others by inventing newer machinery or easier ways of doing complicated things are the key tasks of an engineer. As an aspiring engineer, you must strive to make lives of others simpler. You must keep the welfare of the humankind before your personal ambitions.

If most of the things listed above are things that you like doing or would like to do, then, you must surely explore the engineering profession. The discipline of engineering is demanding and needs utmost dedication from you. If you have discovered in yourself the traits of an engineer, then you must gear up to crack your engineering entrance; JEE. JEE Mains preparation is tough but it is the first hurdle you need to brace up for. A good institute will play a significant role in chartering your path. Institutes like Aakash is a reputed name in the field of engineering coaching. The extensive study material, the expert faculty, and an excellent track record are the strengths of Aakash coaching. Mentorship under the brand name, Aakash, will not just prepare you for the engineering profession, but also equip you for bigger challenges in life.