Are you Indian? Manipuri woman alleges racism, harassment at Delhi airport

Are you Indian? Manipuri woman alleges racism, harassment at Delhi airport:-The Racism has been a serious issue in recent times in India. Recently, a South African guy was killed at the Vasant Kunj area of New Delhi and just a few days later, four other South Africans were beaten by the Indian at four different location.


This news has created buzz and to calm down the whole heated situation , Sushma Swaraj who is the external affairs minister has to interpret to settled this situation.

Manipuri woman racism in Delhi

When it was looking that whole racism issue was settled down, now news is coming out a Manipur girl is harassed by the officials at the Delhi Airport.
According to the reports, a Manipur girl named as  Monika Khangembam has alleged racism and harassment by the immigration officials as they made a comment on her that “Pakka Indian Ho Na” despite she was carrying a legal Passport.
Monika wrote about all these incident on her social media and narrated her whole long horrifying experience with the immigrational officers of Delhi Airport.
She wrote on her facebook account that” Despite carrying my passport the immigrational officer were questioning about my Nationality. One of the officers told me that You don’t look Indian”.
Monika described that this situation as unfortunate and felt like she was humiliated at the Delhi Airport.
According to the sources, it is believed that the immigration officer even questioned the Monika that ” how many states are in India and also about the number of states bordering her home state Manipur.
Later, she requested the Indian government to investigate the whole incident and take the necessary actions against those immigration officers.
Then it just mattered of time when the External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj and apologies to the Monika for this inhuman act of immigration officer.


Later, she promised Monika that she will discuss this issue with the Rajnath Singh and further action will be taken against those immigration officers.