Arrest Warrant Against Mohammed Shami: “He Thinks He’s A Big Cricketer” Says Wife

Arrest Warrant Against Mohammed Shami: “He Thinks He’s A Big Cricketer” Says Wife :- Mohammed Shami who is currently playing the second and the final Test against the West Indies has been issued an arrest warrant by Kolkata court.

Arrest Warrant Against Mohammed Shami

The India cricketer who has played a key role for India in the 2019 Cricket World Cup, now has 15 days in which to surrender and apply for bail otherwise he will be arrested.

In the year 2018, Hasin Jahan, Mohammed Shami’s wife had accused him of domestic violence after which Shami along with his brother were booked for domestic violence under IPC Section 498A.

She made shocking revelations previous year on social media about her husband’s disloyalty as well as accused him as well as his family members of domestic abuse. Along with this, she had also posted screenshots of the pacer’s alleged chats with many other women.

After the allegations were inposed on Shami, he has denied all such allegations as a campaign to defame him.

Ms Jahan was cited as saying by news agency ANI, “I’m grateful to judicial system. I have been fighting for justice more than a year now. You all know, Shami thinks that he is all too powerful, that he is a big cricketer,”

She then further added, “Had I not been from West Bengal, had Mamata Banerjee not been our Chief Minister, I wouldn’t have been able to live safely here. Amroha (Uttar Pradesh) police was trying to harass me and my daughter, it was God’s grace that they didn’t succeed,”

Along with Shami, the court has also issued an arrest warrant against his brother, Hasid Ahmed, in the same case.

On August 29, while speaking to the media, Hasin Jahan also accused the police of harassing. She said, “Police have not arrested Shami Ahmed as I have filed cases against him. Police have harassed me rather than him.

“This suggests that Shami Ahmed can do anything with any common people but he will not get punishment as he is an international cricketer. Some (sections of the )media are just producing news against me for their own agenda.”

She added at that time, “The incident has happened one and a half years ago and the police or media has asked no question regarding this mobile to Shami. Is one and a half year not enough for the forensic lab to test a mobile phone? The innocent people who have no idea about this High society think that I am wrong. All the government knows that Shami is guilty but supported him just because he is an international cricketer and ruined my life and my daughter’s life.”

Moahmmed Shami and Hasin Jahan got married in the year 2014. This year, in March, the cricketer was charged with dowry along with sexual harassment and his wife had demanded Rs. 7 lakh as monthly upkeep.

A month later, she had locked herself in a room in her in-laws house after which she was detained by the police. “I have come to my husband’s house and I have every right to stay here. My in-laws are misbehaving with me and the police are supporting them. They should have arrested them but they are taking me to the police station,” she had said after her release.