Arun Jaitley says Pakistan using ‘new ways’ to attack India’s integrity

Arun Jaitley says Pakistan using ‘new ways’ to attack India’s integrity : As the violent protest continues in the Kashmir valley, on Sunday the central government asserting that there will be no compromise with those who indulge in violence in Kashmir.


Knowing that the situation in Kashmir was serious, Finance Minister of India and Union minister Arun Jaitley said that those indulging in stone-pelting in Kashmir valley are not satyagrahis but aggressors who target the state police and security forces and some people with limited vision cannot see this.

He also slammed Pakistan for the current unrest in Kashmir while he was addressing a rally on the outskirts of Jammu city. He was saying that Pakistan was attacking the integrity of India in a new way after failing to snatch the state by waging wars and fuelling trouble ever since partition in the year 1947.

Arun Jaitley, outlining the priorities of PM Modi in Kashmir, said that there will be no compromise on the integrity and security of the country and no compromise with the people who indulge in violence in the Kashmir valley.

Finance minister Arun Jaitley, talking in the context of ongoing 44-day unrest in Kashmir,  said that this time, a serious condition has emerged in which religious forces, separatists and Pakistan have joined hands together and now with a new way, they are attacking the security and the integrity of India.

Union Minister Arun Jaitley asked the people of Jammu & Kashmir to stand with the country in the struggle against the separatists so that this new phase of Pakistani strategy of war is defeated this time as well.

Jaitely said that stone pelters are not satyagrahis but aggressors. If a police post manned by 10 police personal is attacked by 2000 stone pelters, it is an attack, but some people with limited vision do not realise it.

Jaitley said that after facing defeats in two wars with India, Pakistan felt that it was impossible to snatch Jammu & Kashmir from India by means of wars, so now Pakistan started training and pushing in terrorists in India.

He said that they found a new way and stone pelting stated, when an Amaranth agitation started in Jammu in the year 2008.

A senior leader of BJP said that children going to school were given stones in their bags instead of books to target the state police and security forces. The people with limited vision could only see the arrested stone pelters but could not see thousands of injured CRPF and police personnel in the hospitals.

He said that If you see the history, Pakistan never accepted Jammu & Kashmir as an integral part of India.

He said that we fought with many problems and its impact is that India, born in poverty, is known in the whole world as the fastest growing economy.

The Union minister said that on the other side, the agenda of Pakistan was not to improve the livelihood of its people but to divert their attention from the real issue by raining slogans in Kashmir and India.

The two wars of 1965 and 1971 made India as a strong military power in conventional warfare.

Pakistan tried to internationalize Kashmir but world was not ready to listen to them, after defeats in two war.