Arvind Kejriwal Stands With NDTV India and Urges Media To Go Off Air

Arvind Kejriwal Stands With NDTV India and Urges Media To Go Off Air :- It seems that the Chief minister of Delhi Arvind kejriwal stands with the NDTV against the Nation. It is not the first time that Kejriwal shows his hatred against the PM Modi. In the past, Kerjiwal asked for the video of Surgical strike which was carried out by the Indian Army in the month of September 2016 in the wake of Uri Attack in which our 19 soldiers martyred.


On Firday, Aam Aadmi Party condemned the one day ban on a Hindi news channel with Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal urging the media to go off air for a day in protest against the order.

AAP Leader Sanjay Singh told reporters that the order of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry against NDTV India amounted to throttling the fourth pillar of democracy and was a step towards imposing emergency in the country.

Sanjay Singh also attacked PM Narendra Modi and sought to remind him of the drubbing the Indira Gandhi-led Congress received in the 1977 general elections, held immediately after the 21 month long Emergency period.

In a press conference here, Singh alleged that AAP strongly condemns this move. We believe Narendra Modi is taking the country towards another emergency.

Why ban on NDTV India for One day?

On Wednesday, The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting ordered NDTV India off-air through 9th November 2016, saying its broadcast revealed strategically sensitive details. The Government claims NDTV India correspondent had potentially compromised national security by saying, in a January 4 near-live broadcast, that two terrorists are alive, and there is a weapons depot near where they are. The NSG officers, soldiers who are exchanging fire with the terrorists, are concerned that if the terrorists reach the weapons depot, it will be difficult to eliminate them.

I&B ministry had issued an order saying that NDTV India should be taken off air for a day after an inter- ministerial panel constituted by the ministry recommended this action over the broadcaster’s coverage of the Pathankot terror attack in the month of January 2016.

According to the Rule 6(1)(P) of the Cable Television Networks Regulation Act, it is illegal for Indian news broadcasters to transmit live coverage of an ongoing counter-terrorist operation, allowing them only to use statements of a designated official spokesperson during this period.