Arvind says its asad’s scooter! Dahleez 17th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Arvind says its asad’s scooter! Dahleez 17th May 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The yesterday night episode of the TV series Dahleez starts with Arvind is asking his friends to let Asad come, as Asad is also having a small role in the plan and now Arvind go and open the door. He tied up the things. Asad comes inside and asks him; why he takes much time to open the door. The guys say we were studying for exams.

Dahleez  Episode Written Updates

Dahleez Episode Written Updates

Dahleez Episode Written Updates

Asad says to them that exams come every year, but my sister’s marriage will be coming only for one time. The guys looked tensed but Azad asked to them that it is time for enjoyment as it is time for my sister’s marriage. Arvind now come and asked to Azad that I am always there in order to help you as you are like my brother.

And your sister is my sister anyway. Jaya gets ready and ties the string on her back. Jaidev comes there in order to help her. Music plays……………… Jaya smiles and she is very happy now.

Jaidev leaves. She turns and looks for him. Suhasini come in the office. Swadheenta greets her and asked to her that I thought you will be busy at home, so I’m here in the office and I come here in order to manage your work, is that okay with you. Suhasini says yes, off course.

Suhasini also added that you don’t need my permission dear. Swadheenta says thanks; I will manage all you appointments and Suhasini says that’s sweet of you. Now I will spends some time with Simmi at home without any tension.

Swadheenta stops her and says I want your help in my case. Suhasini asks what case, Dubey knows I don’t handle divorce case. Swadheenta says this case is different, it has some critical medical condition, a woman has a weak heart and her husband wants to divorce her for this misfortune of her.

Suhasini says that’s disgusting, how can a husband divorce his wife for being she is ill. Swadheenta you just fix an appointment of her with me. Now Swadheenta meets Adarsh, Abhay and Simmi and tells them about the fake story she made.

Adarsh asks will this work? She says we will manage. She tells Simmi that she studied law; and now she can manage court case and all that. She also asked her not to worry.

Now Adarsh praised Swadheenta that these days, she became stronger and he is being proud of her. Swadhenta smiles and on next day, Suhasini asked to Swadheentha where is Abhay as she needs to meet with Abhay as for the case she require to meet with him.

Precap: Arvind shows the bomb hidden in the tyre and asks his friends to fit this tyre in scooter, and keep it on the park. The guy asks but whose scooter it is? Arvind says it is Asad’s scooter…