Aryan & Aradhya Shocked! Krishnadasi 15th August 2016 Written Updates Episode

Aryan & Aradhya Shocked! Krishnadasi 15th August 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi starts with Raj getting worried and he was about to catch by police. Raj said that no police can catch me anyhow as I left no proofs there. He said further that still we need to remove all guns and drugs from the site as we need to beware. Sardaar arrives now and put gun at him.

Aryan & Aradhya Shocked

But it is actually Aradhya arrives there in the Sardaar attire. Raj asked to her who is he and Aradhya pretends like a Sardaar and asked to him that I arrives here to deal with you and my name is Pintu.

Raj says to Aradhya that how can I believe you and Aradhya said that I will give you money and show him full bags of money, Raj’s eye go full of greed. Somehow Kumudini arrives there to search Aryan.

Kumudini thinks that if today Aryan has been missing then it is all because of Aradhya. She also said that if anything happen with my grandson Aryan then I won’t leave Aradhya.

Gayatri is with Aradhya and she is keep starring at Aradhya also she is anxious as the money is fake but Aradhya successfully trapped Raj in her mission. She now sit besides Raj and asked to him about Aryan but still now Raj did not give reply.

Shravani come there and she whispers on the Aradhya’s ear that she is actually Shravani. She acts to be Pinto’s wife. Somehow she makes Raj busy with her and Aryan went to search Aradhya. She then sees drugs box there and then she reached to Gaaytri.

Now she sees Saras and Jairaj and asked to them that how they arrives here and Jairaj and Saras say that as we have to search you as David is now keep blackmailing us. Aradhya make them promised that she will be making them free.

Bhamini takes Aryan in the room when she sees him and tries to wake him up. She rubs his hands and gets anxious. Then she sees Aradhya’s photo and she rushes to her. Aryan got conscious for a while but he just fail to see Aradhya.

Aradhya comes back to Raj and Raj offers him Lassi. She drinks it but somehow her false moustache begins to fall. Raj comes forward to put up her moustache. Gayatri became worried.

Kumudini says to Aryan that you can’t do this as Bhamini should not share this house. She fumed and puts kerosene on herself and announced that if her mansion will share by someone then he will kill herself.

Aryan gets in shock and scream. Aradhya managed to save Aryan from the trapped of Raj. Now it will be interesting to see that if Aradhya and Aryan will be able to save Kumudini.