Aryan gets Rude! Krishnadasi 11th july 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Aryan gets Rude! Krishnadasi 11th july 2016 Today Episode Written Updates : In the last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi it has been shown that Aryan performed the rituals of Tulsi’s last rites, Aradhya came there and requested to touch Tulsi’s feet last time but Kumudini stopped her from doing so. Kumudini said to Aradhya that she is the daughter of Pavitra so she is just like Pavitra.

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Krishnadasi 11th july 2016 Episode Written Updates

Kumudini also alleged Aradhya that she is the reason of the Tulsi’s demise and her Rao family. Aradhya requested Aryan to let her touch the Tulsi’s feet but all goes in vain. Now Aryan says that he needs to complete the last rites of Tulsi.

Aradhya has broken down in tears and seeks an apology from Tulsi as she unable to touch the Tulsi’s feet. Pandit said that now the cremation is done and for that Kumudini is broken down in tears.

Now Kumudini and Aryan now discuss that she need to punish Tulsi’s murderer, now Aradhya come to Abba to see that because of the tensions he is having high blood pressure.

Purva and Raj happy are very happy no because of Tulsi’s death. Purva said that she don’t celebrate till court’s orders will come still there is lot more announced.

Banwari arrived in the Rao house with luggage as now Banwari will be settled here. Kumudini attacked Abba on the court when he was there for his hearing.

Aradhya said that Tulsi was her mother also so she will be giving justice to Tulsi anyhow and finally the truth will be winning. In the meantime, Abba was about to collapse in the court but Aradhya holds him.

She also asked for everyone that she need to take care of her Abba (Grandfather) as apart from she will be letting Tulsi have justice. Kumudini taunts Aradhya and Abba by saying that these are all Nautanki (Drama) and Aradhya looks on.