Aryan Sign Property Papers! Krishnadasi 29th June 2016 Written Updates Episode

Aryan Sign Property Papers! Krishnadasi 29th June 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi begins with Kumudini says I have will of Keshav, it’s written in it that my grandson is heir of Keshav’s property, lawyer tell this to Raj, Rak says we don’t know whose blood is in Aryan, what is the proof that he is Tulsi’s son?

Aryan Sign Property Papers! Krishnadasi

Krishnadasi 29th June 2016 Written Updates

Aryan says control your tongue, and he said that he is a son of Tulsi and Chima Ji and it is fact and if anybody dares to question his identity then he won’t leave the person and now Aryan started beating the person. Kumudini says right just beat him, he deserves it.

But Tulsi asked Aryan to stop and the man says that you guys can do anything but still I will not believe that Aryan is Tulsi and Chima Ji’s stand as it is the matter of the legal paper and I have to follow the rules.

Aradhya is Sashwat and Pavitra Rao’s daughter that is crystal clear news and it is also proved via DNA test. So she is Rao family’s daughter and you guys are saying that Aryan is Devadasis, son. But we need proved before revealing the same.

But Kumudini in anger says that we can’t ask Chima Ji to go for DNA test as I can’t question his identity. Aryan is Chima Ji and Tulsi’s son and it is clear news. The man looks on and says fine but then without getting Aryan’s proved we can’t hand over the legal property to you.

In the meantime, Pavitra decided to lodge FIR complaint against Kumudini and Pavitra for baby swapping case and Aradhya is shocked to hear so as the baby swapping is done by Kumudini then why she is lodging a complaint against Tulsi.

Precap: Aradhya comes to a police station. Aryan comes to her and asked her that please asked your mother to take her complaint back against my mother.

But Aradhya asked Aryan that your mother is a Devadasi and a Devadasi should be treated like that. Aryan is shocked to see the Aradhya’s behaviour with him and he looks on.