Ashok and Munshi missing Sakshi! Silsila Pyaar Ka 13th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

In the upcoming episode of the TV series “Silsila Pyaar Kaa” it is yet to show that Kajal is going to the Raunak’s room, Raunak asks is Sakshi fine, Kajal says yes she is fine. Meanwhile, Janki hides beside the door and hear the entire conversations between Kajal and Raunak. Now Raunak says to Kajal that he is having no problem to go the Kamini auntie’s house, but I am worrying that why Maa is upset.

Ashok and Munshi missing Sakshi! Silsila Pyaar Ka 13th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Kajal says I am very upset to see you Raunak sir and now I can’t take more favour from you. You did already so much for me. Now I am leaving with Sakshi for her room. Raunak follow Kajal, in the mean time, Ashok and Munshi missing Sakshi, Radhika gets them breakfast, Radhika upset too; Munshi says we are all missing Sakshi. Sakshi should comeback as soon as possible.

Now Ashok says I have to say something, to Kajal and Ashok is worry that Kajal can’t spend her whole life alone, Radhika says Kajal is my daughter and I always want Kajal to stay happy and to settle down.

Raunak says Kajal stop, Kajal says sir now only for one day I will stay here then I has to leave house. Raunak says about this to Kajal no you s to stay here. Now Janki is keep following them as well hearing their conversations, as Janki is sceptical about Kajal and Raunak.

Raunak says to Kajal you can’t do your Man Maani as don’t forget we are married but with this Kajal says that you should take care of Sakshi now and her health. Her health is going down these days; we should take care of her health.

Raunak is impressing to see that Kajal is thinking about Sakshi and Sakshi’s health. Raunak working, Janki says Raunak you are fine, you are not going office; Raunak says no today I will stay home to take care of the Maa and Sakshi. Kajal became happy and smile to see so.

Precap: Janki says Kajal tell the truth are u here for Sakshis good or in your mind there is some hidden tendency to have some revenge. Kajal looked on the Raunak.