Ashok Leyland Circuit Electric Bus Launched Under Made-In-India Initiative

Ashok Leyland Circuit Electric Bus Launched Under Made-In-India Initiative :- The Indian giant automobile company, Ashok Leyland has launched their first electric bus under the made in India drive on October 18, 2016. The electric bus has been titled as the circuit, and it has the zero-emission feature that will roll on the roads and will provide the various transport service to the people.


The Circuit has been completely designed and manufactured in India and the most important thing about this it is the pollution free vehicle which will be handy when it comes to containing the pollution in India.

The Managing Director of Ashok Leyland informed media wing that ” ‘In April 2015, at FAME Delhi Workshop, we had committed to vehicles with full electric powertrains by January 2016. We are proud to say that we have completed the production of a circuit before the schedule. We have worked and engineered it keeping in mind the pollution as it will help in containing pollution in the cities of Indies.”

He further added that ” we created Circuit with the single motive of Aapki Jeet, Hamari Jeet’. Meanwhile, the Circuit is equipped with the Fire Detection and Suppression System and it will be available for the different platforms. The bus is flexible enough to be used in numbers of platforms and it cost between 1.5 to Rs 3.5 crores.

Well, the Circuit will travel over 120 kilometers with the single charge. T Venkataraman, Senior Vice President, Global Bus said ” It is built on a simple, mass-market platform that will enable the operator to cater to customers in city centers with minimal operational and maintenance costs.”

Additional Chief Secretary, Industries and Commerce, Government of Tamil Nadu, Ambuj Sharma told media wing that ” the Circuit is the first electronic bus which is manufactured in India and we are happy that it is produced by Ashok Leyland.”

Well, the Circuit will be the ultimate revolution in the Indian transports industry and may, be it will resolve the problem of the environment which is caused by the most of the diesel busses.