Ashoka Kills Siamak! CAS Ashoka 21st September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Ashoka Kills Siamak! CAS Ashoka 21st September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The latest crux of the TV series Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat is all to showcase that Ashoka’s hunt for Siamak finally comes to an end after he manages to get a grip on his neck. Is this the end of Siamak? Moreover, Siamak is stunned when he watches Lasandra kill Anthios at Ashoka’s command. Earlier, Siamak infuriates Ashoka by stating the reason for killing Dharma. Later, he has a narrow escape when Ashok’s leg gets trapped.


Much before that Antiocus asked to Lasendra that you was about to take revenge from me for killing your husband and Lasendra turns shocked now. Lasendra somehow goes faint and Antiocus left to fight with Ashoka who arrived in the Unan’s centre.

Sushim pledge to Saimak that he should leave him as he explains to him that it will be impossible for Saimak to defeat Ashoka alone, he needs Sushim’s help. But Saimak asked to Sushim that he can never take help from Bharthiyaa (Indians).

Now Saimak sees that Ashoka is fighting with Antiocus and Antiocus pledge in front of Ashoka to leave him as Ashoka trapped him actually. Now Saimak is shocked to see that Lasendra killed Antiocus as per Ashoka’s command and she did so to take revenge from Antiocus for her husband’s death.

Saimak now realised that Lasendra was a puppet of Ashoka, she did what Ashoka asked her to do. She killed Antiocus now she is keen to get me to Ashoka to seek revenge for her husband’s death. Siamak now realised that he did not trap Ashoka, in fact, Ashoka trapped him.

Saimak now runs and hides somewhere to save him from Ashoka to see Ashoka is sitting on a throne and he have an encounter with Ashoka. Siamak looks scared now and Ashoka announced that he won’t forgive the person who killed his mother and deceived his mother land.

Precap: Ashoka kills Siamak and thinks that finally, he take revenge from Saimak for the wrong things he did with him and his family.