Ashoka & Devi Turn! CAS Ashoka 23rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Ashoka & Devi Turn! CAS Ashoka 23rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Ashoka hearing the sound of anklets and he asked are you the same for which I think? Did you come here for me? Devi came out of the dark and said you are my husband and how I could not come here for you. She says I felt your every pain and wound. Ashoka thinks it was Devi who saved my life, not Kaurvaki. Ashoka says even Yamraj cannot hurt a man when his wife is with her.


Devi hugs her, but Ashoka did not react that much. Kaurvaki apologizes to him for forgetting her limits. Ashoka told her to wipe the tear as she has born all the pains just because of her. He told her to change the cloth as she is drenched.

Kaurvaki puts a cloth between him and Ashok and changes her cloths. Ashoka lightens up the fire to feel the warmth. Kaurvaki was coming there. Ashoka and Devi hugs each other. Kaurvaki saw them and drops water.

Devi and Ashoka get eyes locked and put a hand on each other. Kaurvaki decided to leave before something terrible will happen. Kaurvaki runs in the forest and shouts Ashok.

Ashok wakes up in the morning and hears the voice of Devi’s anklets. Devi applied lape on Ashok’s wound. But, Ashoka was not looking to her. Devi felt bad and asked Ashok to discuss anything if he wants to share.

Ashok wakes up and says I am sorry. I though Kauravki was applying Lape on my wounds. On the other side, Charumitra was coughing blood, and a black shadow came and pointed his hand toward Cahrumitra.

Charumitra says she need more time as everyone belives his son is dead, and she will not let her die before helping his son to succeed.

Devi told Ashok that I met Kaurbvaki and explained to her everything that her father broke the marriage and Kaki was forced to do do. Ashok says It means Kaurvaki helped me and he runs for finding her. Devi says Ashok will never love me.

Ashok shouts Kauravki’s name in the jungle. Kaurvaki wakes up and says I accept let Ashok find me. She hides and Ashok call her name in pain. Jagannath hears Ashok and says Dashi Putra.


Ashoka and Devi turns. They found Jagnath pointing sword at them; Ashok asks what he wants? Jagannath says what you will give me as you have stolen my lone daughter.