Ashoka finds the box in Helena’s room! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 17th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episodes of the TV series “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat” starts with the Charu is worried if Sushim will do his job perfectly on the time or not but Helena is very sure about the Sushim, that he is perfect. Bindu is also sceptical about the Sushim. Now Ashoka and Karuvaki has been close their eyes to seek god’s blessing. Sushim replaces the arrow to insults Ashoka, but still Ashoka shooted the arrow perfectly.

Ashoka finds the box in Helena's room! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 17th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Ashoka has been seen proud of himself, Sushim signals Inderjeet to wait. Helena informs Bindu that is your sons need your permission to meet with yourself; Sushim says they do not need any permission. Now Ashoka picks the last arrow and Sushim signalled that Inderjeet will be winning. Sushim says he will be honoured Inderjeet if Ashoka fails.

Now Drupad had been seen busy in the preparations for dad’s departure. Ashoka shoots an arrow. Bindu ducks to pick Drupad. So the arrow hits the wall. But Inderjeet’s arrow hits Drupad. And Helena says Ashoka arrow hits Draupad. So now Bindu rush to call the Vaid.

Everybody is now worried for Draupad and Draupad has been seen doing vomiting, Sushim also pretends to be tensed. Now Charu said that Ashoka should not be saved he is killed Draupad but Subhrasi says now we should take care of the Draupad. Ashoka wanted to go towards Draupad but Sushim hits Ashoka and stopped him from going there.

Now Draupad looks at the Ashoka, wanted to say something but eventually Draupad dies. Subhrasi scream, Bindu and Dharma cried.

Now Charu blames Ashoka, it was his birthday today, and you killed him. So now Shubhrasi calls Ashoka and said the god will be snatching everything from you. Ashoka shocked, cries and sit down. Sushim says the arrow was actually to kill Samrat. And Charu said that it was Drupad who trusted Ashoka and Ashoka killed him. Subhrasi says Ashoka is a culprit and he will be punished.

Now Sushim and Subhrasi says that now the Bindusaar have to do justice to the death of the Draupad and Ashoka deserve punishment but Kauravaki says Ashoka can’t kill anybody. Bindusaar looked on.

And Bindu says if he get all the evidence against Ashoka, then he will be announce the punishment for Ashoka but right now he need to complete the last rites of the Drupad.