Ashoka Killed Soldiers! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 14th June 2016 Episode Written Update

Ashoka Killed Soldiers! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 14th June 2016 Episode Written Update :- The last night episode of the TV series Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat bwgins with a man was talking to the two guys whose names were Uttar and Dakshin. He asked them about Gondna tax. Uttar gave him positive response about it but Dakshin told him that one man was not following their rule so his parents were died, hence everybody have to follow the rules of the kingdom.

chakravartin ashoka samrat written updates episode today

chakravartin ashoka samrat written updates episode today

The man said to Uttar and Dakshin that they would destroy Magadh soon and they will be spreading Gondana everywhere. The man went and hides in dark. Ashoka caught the soldiers and reached at the gate of Patliputra. The soldiers tried hard to stop him but all goes in vain.

He said to them he did not want to hurt them and he said to them to call the Rani Dharma. The soldiera’ asked to Ashoka who is he.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode Written Update

Ashok makes him introduced as Ashoka Rani Dharma’s son and the soldiers went to the inside and took permission from Rani Dharma to enter Ashoka into Patliputra. They went inside and shouted that Rajkumar Ashoka was coming. All Daasi and soldiers are happy with this and Bindu also praised Ashoka by saying who can dare to enter in the Patliputra like this except Ashoka.

But Ashoka prefer to call him the Rajkumar Ashoka and the Kingdom people is surprise with that. Mahamtya said to Bindu that he had banished him from Patliputra then how he can enter now.

Sushim and Siamak also spoke in favour of Mahamatya. Radha Gupta said that Ashoka did not break any rule and he seek permission before coming here. Only Rani Dharma have right to decide whether to allow Ashoka to come or not.

Charu was selecting jewellery for her. Sushim came there and told him about Ashoka. She said to him that he should change his game now if he wants to win. But Charu is somehow upset now. Dharma is anxious for Ashoka.

Radhe Gupta came there and asked Rani Dhrama to give the permission to Ashoka to makes a grand entry. Rani Dharma is worry as now Ashoka turn in to aggressive and if he come in the Patliputra, he won’t spare his enemies.

But Rani Dharma says that due to Acharya Chanakya never raise questions on the worth of Ashoka, me too should not and she allowed Ashoka to enter and Ashoka thinks that he will not follow any hindrance if its creates problem on his path to achieve his dream.

Ashoka entered inside by saying Jai Janni. He was taking the soldiers and the soldiers also cheered for him. Bindu said to him that why he came back as Chand? Why he could not change?

About this Ashoka told to Bindu that he finished Daas tradition before 10 years but still Samrat Bindusaar is following that. And Ashoka also said that he have to punish the person who will follow the Das tradition.

Ashoka also announced that he will be making everybody free from the atrocities’ of the rich people. Bindusaar looks on and asked to him that how he can making everybody free except Magadh Rajya people.