Assistant town planner killed in Kasauli At Himachal Pradesh

Assistant town planner killed in Kasauli At Himachal Pradesh: In Kasauli , Himachal Pradesh, a guesthouse owner allegedly, shot dead, an assistant town planner dead on the last Tuesday, post she insisted on executing a Supreme Court ruling ordering the destruction of illegal constructions in the very same town.

Assistant town planner killed in Kasauli At Himachal Pradesh

Still, as teams of the public works department (PWD) begin pulling down an important component of the Narayani Guest House at Mando Matkanda, its owner Vijay Singh (51) fired the gun for more than once.

This fire was in result of the death of the assistant town planner Shail Bala and another officer seriously injured. Singh disappeared into the remote jungle area post the incident happened.

Solan police have already declared a reward of Rs 1 lakh for anyone giving information about the culprit to the police which will help the police to arrest the criminal.

Some problems begin after Shail Bala and other officials reached Mando Matkanda near Dharampur to demolish unauthorized portions of the very same guest house, reportedly.

Singh and his mother, Narayani Devi (70), begin resisting the official which resulted in Shail Bala involves in some vocal arguments and conflict between the people of the very same guest house.

After the conflict, as per reports, actually,  Singh fired at them. “While Shail Bala was murdered, Gulab Singh, a PWD employee, was injured,” Shimla SP Khushal Sharma said. Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur said the accused will be getting arrested very soon.

A report from the team police come which says, that the demised were at a neighboring hotel overseeing demolition as this was creating some issue there.

When they, just heard gunshots from Narayani Guest House, by the time they reached there, Shail Bala had already been shot and the accused alleged run away,” said Khushal Sharma, superintendent of police, Shimla.

The Supreme Court had already directed the state Himachal Pradesh government on the 17th April to demolish unauthorized structures of a number of hotels in Kasauli, refuse and rejecting the appeal of hoteliers against a National Green Tribunal order anyway.

In its order on the next May on 2017, the NGT had experiential and observed that the owner of Narayani Guest House had built a six-story building at the same time, he had also approval for only 3 stories and a parking floor.