Asus announces 360 degree live streaming for z3nvolution in India

Today, ASUS announced that it will enable a 360-degree live streaming for the Indian edition of the event. With this technology, users around the world would get the opportunity to log in and watch the proceedings from their homes.


The 360-degree live streaming will provide an long experience with a visual sensation and loud audio to the viewers tuning in from over the world to watch the event.  Spectaculars will also be able to enjoy the feel of launch and exact vibe, from multiple angles.

Z3nvolution: ASUS introduce a new and much awaited products aimed at providing the users smart specifications and technology in a luxurious form-factor.

Marketing Director of Mobile Division, India Marcel Campos said that As a brand, we effort to bring innovative technology and approaches to our product launches. The 360-degree live streaming for Z3nvolution helps us to reach our potential audience who could be located around the world. This technology also provides the customers a chance to be a part of the actual live event with 360-degree visual access, guaranteeing a injoyable experience to every single person.