Asus Zenfone 6 Gets the Android 10 Update in India, Adds System-Wide Dark Mode

Asus Zenfone 6 Gets the Android 10 Update in India, Adds System-Wide Dark Mode :- Asus flagship phone the 6Z, which is also known as the Zenfone 6 has started getting the Android 10 update. In case if you happen to use the phone, you can soon expect to get an update notification soon.

Asus Zenfone 6 Gets the Android 10 Update in India

The Asus Zenfone 6 is also one of the most feature-packed phones which is available at the $500/€450 price segment. In addition to that, the phone also gets the great rotating camera, snappy performance as well as monstrous 5,000 mAh battery along with a clean build of Android.

On the other hand, the software experience is getting even more better now as Asus has started pushing the Android 10 update to its users all over the US as well as in India.

This seems to be quite an achievement given the fact that Android 10 was just recently released two months ago as well as it is still running only on a select group of devices from Google, Essential, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Nokia. There are also other manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei and LG that are still only beta testing their updates.

With this new update, there’s going to be so much new features which will be added soon to your device. The Zenfone 6’s update also comes in at just over 800MB along with this it also brings all the new Android 10 features such as improved privacy controls, new gesture navigation, system-wide dark mode as well as improved digital wellbeing. Here is the list of those:

Dark Theme: At the present, Android 10 offers an ‘Android official’ full system-wide dark theme all across its User Interface.

Better Privacy and Security: In addition to other added features, Android 10 also brings in the latest measures in order to support and sustain your privacy as well as security, and is going to offer faster security updates to your device in the future.

Smart App support on messages: This new feature also suggests various set of actions, such as opening Maps if an address is sent, or Calendar if it identifies a date, as well as removes ultimately the need to copy text links as well as to paste it in the suitable app manually.

Fully gesture-based UI navigation: Now, you can fully do away with the onscreen navigation keys for a more lively gesture-based UI navigation. It also helps apps in order to inhabit the full size of the display.

The ASUS 6z Android 10 update on the other hand also upgrades the Google Play services for better app experiences. If in any case you want to demote the software back to Android 9 for any reason, you may possibly download the downgrade firmware files from ASUS’s support webpage.