Atharv collides with Vividha! Jana na dil se door 26th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Atharv collides with Vividha! Jana na dil se door 26th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Atharva reaches on the spot and starts beating Chintu, Guddi and Vividha tries to stop him but Atharva didn’t stop. Vividha separates both of them. Atharva assaults Chintu but Vividha confronts him for assaulting him. Vividha asks him to stay away. She tells Atharva that she and Chintu slipped in the mud and he rescued her.


Jana na dil se door Episode Written Updates

He asks Vividha to stop being innocent and try to see his reality. She left the spot with Chintu. Guddi tells him that Vividha is right. He asks her to tell Vividha to beware of him and she should also keep an eye on him. Vividha apologizes Chintu for Atharva’s behavior.

She adds that he is a mad who is chasing her for a long time. Chintu asks her to learn him a lesson. Vividha asks him to ignore and not to tell about this to Kailash as she doesn’t want to make him worried.

Atharva recalls her words and accepts that he feels jealous and insecure and why don’t she feels so? Kailash is preparing for a party. Vividha asks him about he says he will going to open a hotel in partnership with Badri. He insults Atharva and his family but he replies back and makes him shut.

Atharva notices Chintu staring Guddi. Sujata asks about all the matter. He asks her to keep an eye on him. Uma is in pain, Sujata saw her and thinks to help her but she recalls Kailash’s words still she asks to help her and asks her how she got hurt. She lies but Sujata asks her to say the truth. She helps her.

Atharva, Sujata, and Dada Jaan make Ladoos. Atharva saw Vividha who cares for all except him. Vividha makes Rangoli, He watches her lovingly.


Atharva and Vividha share a picture-perfect moment. Chintu watches them enjoying.