Atleast 36 Killed in China After Bus Crashes With Truck

Atleast 36 Killed in China After Bus Crashes With Truck :- According to official police notice, at least 36 people have died and 36 others were injured in east China after a bus veered into the opposite lane and collided with a truck.

Atleast 36 Killed in China

The bus was carrying 69 people when it hit the truck on an expressway in eastern Jiangsu province on Saturday morning. The police from the city of Yixing in Jiangsu province said that the bus, which was driving north, broke through a barrier dividing two lanes on a motorway and crashed into a truck carrying 3 people moving in the opposite direction.

According to a preliminary investigation, Xinhua news agency said that the accident was caused by a flat tyre on the bus.  It further added that 36 people were also injured, 9 seriously. Authorities had sent emergency responders to the site immediately.

The Changchun-Shenzhen expressway reopened after eight hours of rescue work.  

Deadly road accidents are common in China, where traffic regulations are often flouted or go unenforced. According to authorities, 58,000 people were killed in accidents across the country in 2015 alone. Violations of traffic laws were blamed for nearly 90 percent of accidents that caused deaths or injuries that year.