Audi May Be Part of an Upcoming Self-drive Subscription Service from Ola

Audi is currently involved in business discussions with Ola, which is a popular platform for ride-hailing in India. A source revealed that Ola has set aside 500 million USD for the new business venture, according to Money Control. The discussions are centered on the launch of a self-drive service with a subscription-based business model. If the deal goes through, Indian consumers will be able to drive coveted autos from Audi (as well as luxury autos from BMW and Mercedes) by paying subscription fees. Ola is based in Bengaluru and has a large reach in India. If you’re curious about this exciting new deal, which isn’t a done deal just yet, this guide will give you the inside scoop.

This business model works in America

Subscription services that give consumers the opportunity to drive dream cars are already available in the USA and some other countries. Ola wants to offer the same type of service to customers in India, in order to continue its aggressive battle against Uber and other chief rivals. If Audi signs on the dotted line, Ola subscribers will be able to drive the respected German automaker’s stable of posh vehicles, including A3, A4, Q3 and Q7 cars.

Audi’s electric vehicle is on the horizon

It’s no surprise that Ola wants to offer Audi vehicles via a self-drive subscription service. Audi vehicles are beautiful, without being ostentatious. These prized vehicles, which feature “four rings” logos, are renowned for their comfortable interiors, their cutting-edge tech, their optional Audi extended warranty protection and their high performance. Audi is also getting a lot of buzz lately because it is getting into the electric car game. Its electric vehicle, the E-Tron, is slated to launch in India during September of 2020. A collaboration between Audi and Ola may be win-win for both companies.

Would you pay for this service?

Buying a luxury car in India is often very expensive. If you want to live the dream by getting behind the wheels of Audi car sand other luxury autos, you may find that paying for this service is well worth the money. You’ll be able to enjoy the fun of piloting a fine car around, without the expenses and responsibilities of luxury auto ownership. While it may take some time before Audi reps comment on the deal, more news about the proposed deal is bound to surface in the near future, so stay tuned.