Audi’s Future cars will talk to traffic lights, firm says

Audi’s Future cars will talk to traffic lights, firm says : German carmaker, Audi, is going to introduce a new technology in its cars. Audi is set to roll out technology that can communicate with traffic lights.This technology is known as ‘Vehicle-to-Infrastructure’ or ‘V to I’. The new technology will be made available in select 2017 A4 and Q7 models that were built after June, 2016.


About ‘V to I’ technology: Using the WiFi connectivity, a link will be established between the vehicle and the respective infrastructure. The information of traffic light will then be delivered to the system which is installed in the vehicle. The driver will be displayed with a countdown timer before a red light turns to green and when it is too late to get through an approaching system.

Before the traffic light turns green, the display would disappear in a few seconds so that the driver could notice to the road ahead.

The General Manage of connected vehicles of Audi, Pom Malhotra that it allows your mind to relax and basically, say, ‘All right. I have some time here. I can be doing other things instead of readying myself to jump on the accelerator.

He added that this is our foray into V-to-I. This is designed not as a safety feature but a convenience and comfort future.

German makers, Audi has planned to roll out this technology in approximately 7 US cities by the end of 2016. But, the company has not declared the city names.

The major concern is to make this successful. It is essential that Audi receives help from secure municipalities and transportation agencies as well as communications infrastructure. Whether they will receive it or not, is a matter that will be resolved with time.