Avalanche in Ladakh hit a truck carrying 10 manual workers: 7 bodies are found

Avalanche in Ladakh hit a truck carrying 10 manual workers: 7 bodies are found: On Friday, an unfortunate incident took place in Ladakh where an avalanche hit the truck on which people were travelling and killed at least five people. This incident took place on Friday at Khardung La Pass in Ladakh, where the truck was travelling to Kashmir along with people on it. As per the officials five more people are missing and the search operation is going on.

The Army led the search and rescue tasks at Khardung La Pass in Ladakh where the enormous landslide hit two private citizen trucks.

The avalanche had allegedly hit a truck which was carrying 10 manual workers at Khardung La pass. It is one of the utmost motorable roads in the world which is at 17,500 feet. The truck was submerged 20 feet in deep snow and dirt, just about 800 metres from the permit.

The Army personnel divided into groups and started and organised the search and rescue mission at South Pullu and North Pullu and some were moved to the event location. At the same time, the Army aeronautics helicopters were made into amenity to travel the highly proficient avalanche rescue groups of the Army which is known as “Avalanche Panthers Teams” from Siachen Base Camp and North Pullu.

These teams are highly specialized and are well-appointed with specific avalanche rescue tools and equipments and medical equipment as well as the avalanche rescue dogs, which are being operated in the search and rescue tasks.

Army Aviation helicopters were also being utilized to move the bottomless search locators which can sense or spot human beings over snow. Meanwhile, as per the reports, out of the 10 civilians which were buried under the avalanche, four bodies have been recovered so far, also distorted pieces of one of the traveler was found on the sheer sharp slopes of the mountain.

On Saturday, two more bodies were found, making an increase in number to the number of dead in the avalanche. On Friday, five bodies were recovered which makes the total of seven bodies, now only three people are left to find out who are buried under the avalanche.

Also, in last January, two Swedish skier was hit by the avalanche in Jammu and Kashmir but only one survived, out of two skier one was killed in an avalanche. His companion was saved and rescued in Jammu and Kashmir. The harsh weather condition of Ladakh is making the rescue mission more hard but the search and rescue mission is still going on to find other bodies by our Army special team force.