Avantura Choppers launched in India: Rudra & Pravega at INR 23.9 & 21.4 Lakh

Avantura Choppers launched in India: Rudra & Pravega at INR 23.9 & 21.4 Lakh Features and Images : Avantura Choppers is touted as the newest Indian motorcycle and the makers are all set to launching India’s first street-legal choppers which will be declared on this week which is also regarded as the Bike Week of 2017. Here’s all you need to know about the company.

This buzz was going around about the Avantura Choppers which is now becoming so familiar topic and a favourite amongst motorcycle lovers.

Avantura Choppers Rudra and Pravega

The Avantura is the new maker of the motorcycle in the town and first time when it was manufacturer come to produce for the same it was actually sold street-legal choppers in the whole India.

The company Avantura is extremely a well niche which is the premium market and giving 2 good offerings which include, Pravega and Rudra.

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While taking the motorcycles from Harley-Davidson, Indian also likes these Avantura new devices of the motorcycle.

Currently, it is revealing that the Avantura is offerings as well come back in the town which looks quite impressive also.

The bikes are also set to make the official debut in India in this Bike Week of 2017 on 24th November 24.

This is very promising offerings in their kit, so we need to know each information’s about the Avantura Choppers.

  • Almost 7 years ago the Avantura Choppers was conceptualized by Gaurav A Aggarwal. Gaurav though is an avid biker but he was also the fan of choppers.

Post dabbling in custom motorcycles, some of which were created by him, Aggarwal decided to venture into producing American choppers in India for the market. The team is led by Gaurav, Vijay Singh, and Amitabh Biswas.

  • The former Big Bear Choppers owner Kelvin is also the fan of the Avantura and he is roped in as the chief design engineer for its bikes. In the US Kevin is already a veteran in building custom choppers which he designed for the Pravega and Rudra for the same company.

This chassis has also been designed by him, alongside keeping this in the mind that the Indian road conditions are diverse so it is also determined that the Avantura Choppers should deal with the Indian road.

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Right now, it’s the first and only Indian brand which offers the street-legal chopper motorcycles.

  • Both the Pravega and Rudra share the same mechanical components which sporting the various kind of design for the Avantura Choppers.

The Rudra is closer to the authentic chopper style with its wide wheelbase structure, the wide rear tire and the massive front wheel is USP of this automobile gadget anyway.

The overall design catches plenty of eyeballs and the Pravega gets a slightly more conventional design which can be declared as the slight in any form.

  • Avantura Choppers is actually come and based outside of the Mumbai, where the bikes are assembled before manufacturing.

The company Avantura Choppers has also imported a host of the mechanism from OEMs in the whole world and globe, while certain components are manufactured in the company with the facilities.

  • Avantura has spared no expenses which offer the best feedback on its motorcycles. In the US the bikes use a 2,000 cc V-Twin motor sourced from S&S. The 6-speed transmission arrives from the Rivera and Progressive which provides the suspension on the bikes.

The brakes are sourced from French manufacturer Beringer which produce brakes for aircrafts, on the other side the seat is designed which is the source from the Mustang in the US.

  • In addition, the LED headlamp arrived from the Taiwan which is the indicators from Kellermann, Germany. The Avantura bikes use Avon Cobra tires sourced that are of the UK.

The instrument console is sourced come from a company in Japan.

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The Engine power of this Avantura Choppers is one of the biggest and prominent motorcycles in the country. The short stroke motor is air-cooled which is stated to produce up to 150 Nm of peak torque. The actual power a figure is all set to reveal at IBW.

Avantura Choppers is also offering a host of personalization options on its motorcycles. This means customers can select or choose from the handlebars, paint options, alloy wheel design among other components to make the bike visible as per the taste of the fans.

None of these will make the model illegal.

  • The Rudra is priced at ₹ 23.9 lakh, and the Pravega is priced at ₹ 21.4 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai).
  • Pre-bookings for the Pravega and Avantura Rudra is all set to commence post-IBW, while a delivery period of three and a half months is already estimated by the company.
  • The company will commence and starts the operations with two dealers and it will be also planning to expand to nine by 2019.