Azaadi slogans raised against RSS by students of Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Azaadi slogans raised against RSS by students of Jadavpur University, Kolkata :- This week some students of Kolkata from Jadavpur University uploaded the most shocking video which is spreading all over the internet in which they are shouting loud slogans for freedom for Islams people. The slogan was continued for more than 3 hours near science and commerce class on Sunday evening, where the 2nd year seminar was going on.

As this is not the first time when Jadavpur students protested. Last year when the main exams were going on, 48 students of this university protested for the recheck of exams and somehow rejected by the head.
This time young group is fighting for freedom for the people of Kashmir as well as islam and demanding if their voice will not be heard then they will do road strikes as well.

Azaadi slogans raised against RSS Students

These students are none other than members of the group which road striked last year near university because of change in date of schedule. They are also involved in some illegal activities. The students were holding the paper and raised slogans- We need Freedom, we need answers, ‘RSS ka door hatao‘ and face us else we will strike. As the seminar was conducted and supported by Bangladesh, these students claim that RSS was not considered in the seminar as well as responsible for the thousands of deaths in Godhra.

Check Here Video:

Later, the place crowded, with them many other students also raised their voices and starting protesting against RSS. Men, women as well as students from other universities came to support them. A student of Arts and commerce group said- We don’t trust them, they are here to play with our emotions but we will not make them do this. So we are protesting here. The press was called on the day in the evening. This is really unexpected and worst throwback as the so-called Kolkata is being polluted with the dirt of revolutionary group. Hence, Stay tuned for further reports.