Baba Ramdev’s New Messaging App, Kimbho; Challenge for WhatsApp

Baba Ramdev’s New Messaging App, Kimbho; Challenge for WhatsApp: Well, you all should know that Yoga Guru Ramdev’s Patanjali has launched the messaging app Kimbho for the users of India and it will work as “WhatsApp” does. You all should know that the company stated that they are going to be the next big thing and going to defeat WhatsApp. Sources are saying that Ramdev’s application is nothing good and a copy paste of another application called “Bolo” also the application is very weak and already hacked by the various people.

You all should know that this “Swadeshi messaging platform” comes after Patanjali launched Swadeshi Samriddhi sim cards in a partnership with BSNL. You all should remember that it works like Whatsapp and you can send direct messages to the person or create new groups to send out messages. Apart from this, one can form broadcast lists, follow celebrities and also doodle using Kimbho app.

You all should remember that this app is available at Google Play Store and you all can download it from there.”Kimbho empowers private group chats with free phone and video calling. It has dozens of amazing features to share text audio, photos, videos, stickers, quickies, location, GIF, Doodle and more,” the description reads.

You all may know that the company already launched various homegrown herbal remedies and it is quite popular. Also, the people from various countries are buying the products and using them. Overall, now if we talk about the messaging app then we can say that it is a disaster and you shouldn’t need to use it if before realizing the security, weakness and privacy platforms.