Purnima Night! Badho Bahu 23rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Purnima Night! Badho Bahu 23rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Badho tells Pinki that she should deliver her gift in the right hands and Pinki gives a nod. Badho is worried about her weight issue but Pinki asked to her that after makeup nobody will notice your weight. Kamla has been seen worried but Malti asked to her that whatever happened before 20 years, you do not need to ashamed of it.


Prospective groom comes in but Payal likes another guy who is a driver and she consider him that the, suppose to be groom of her. The actually groom come and meet with Payal’s parent. Payal’s parent fixed her wedding with the, suppose to be groom.

The family decided to leave for Mandir as everybody is keen to seek blessings from the god. Badho’s mother speaks to her husband’s photo. I always had in faith in you. I was sure you won’t let her dreams break. The pair seems good. They have the same built. They will manage everyone together. Payal comes to call her outside when she gets surprised by a hug from her MIL. You did the right thing and he asked to Payal that their alliances fixed.

Pinki did the makeup of Badho, Badho asked to her Maa about Payal and her Maa said Payal likes the groom. Badho’s Maa asked to her she is looking lovely so her suppose to be groom will be also likes her. In Badho’s house guy enjoy the Samosas.

Anyway when the guy sees Badho, meanwhile Payal tries to speak about Badho but the groom’s family just insult Badho by saying how can we get my only son to marry with her who is like a buffalo. We want a good girl, slim and trim for my son and you guys cheated us by speaking that Badho is Komal and beautiful, on which angel she is Komal.

Badho’s Maa asked to them that your son himself is too fat still you want slim and trim girl for your son. I thought you guys will understand my pain but you are all useless. I would prefer to keep Badho unmarried for life rather getting her married with your son. Badho looks upset.

Precap: Payal refuses to return the box to Badho in which she has kept her dreams locked. My mother got you such a good alliance but this fattie ruined everything! She throws it down angrily. Lucky and his friends hear some radio news about tonight being Purnima night and Lucky thinks of his love who will be now for him forever.