Viren is taken aback! Badho Bahu 26th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Viren is taken aback! Badho Bahu 26th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Jamuna ji demonstrates the lucky man and his family their entryway. My girl helps not require out. They leave the house irately mumbling at Badho’s family. Viren gives his bandanna to Badho and takes off.


Jamuna Ji is all shattered. Badho is likewise in tears. She embraces her mom and them both cry. Payal gripes to her MIL for her troublemaking with the visitors. Jamuna ji goes inside without saying a word. Payal gazes irately at Badho who too heads inside.


Jamuna I indignantly sets the compartments back set up. She drops one holder and takes a seat to gather the fallen grains. Badho tries to help, yet she can see her mom is vexed. She leaves her room unobtrusively.

Badho sits up listening to the clamor. Badho and her mom go out to see what’s going on. Payal uncovers a wooden box. Badho asks her what she is doing. She tries to take the container from her Bhabhi yet futile. Payal comments that her FIL saw excessively numerous fantasies for you (Badho), yet he dints know you will trample every one of them under your elephant feet when you grow up. Life is no film. No legend will desire you. What wasn’t right with the person? He had each conceivable extravagance. You wouldn’t have longed for them! You will get somebody who resembles you as it were. He may have said wrong things yet why you (Jamuna ji) needed to counter respond. You don’t have a line of folks sitting tight outside for you. Take a gander at Badho first. Her MIL advises her to stop. You said enough. Payal declines to give back the crate to Badho in which she has kept her fantasies bolted. My mom got you such a decent organization together. However, this fattie destroyed everything! This container has demolished you and your mom’s head. She tosses it down irately! Here go your fantasies.

Vardaan enters simply then. Badho sincerely gets her dad’s photograph. She sticks Payal to the divider and even raises her over the ground a bit. Everybody assembles listening to her irate voice. Not another word! Whatever you need to say you can say to me. Try not to try and consider speaking sick about my folks. Her mom tries to free Payal, yet it is truly troublesome for her. Vardaan prevents his sibling from interceding.

Jamuna ji slaps Badho once she relinquishes Payal. Did you point the finger at Payal? You are at the deficiency. Why dint you deal with your dietary patterns? Accuse your predetermination and nobody else. Payal’s significant other takes Payal inside.

Do one thing for me. Bring Marjorie outside on the affection of night walk. She comprehends he is attempting to test his fortunes on Purnima night. He is shocked. How could she have been able to she tune in? She inquires as to whether Marjorie thinks about it. He says she shouldn’t know in regards to it. She at long last consents to help out him.

Ahlawat ji says she is not feeling too well. She will gobble when she is up. Raghubir ji offers to call the doc, yet his sibling disregards it delicately. Malti I thinks something is unquestionably off-base. It appears like Bhabhi will accomplish something important this time. Raghubir Ji advises her to keep an eye on Bhabhi after supper. Ahlawat siblings taste nourishment and compliment Marjorie on her cooking abilities. Fortunate thinks Marjorie awed Babu Ji as well.

Payal serves sustenance to her better half. He gets some information about others. Vardaan and Lattu offer that they as of now ate. Payal’s better half gets some information about his mom and Komal. Vardaan and Lattu get two plates of sustenance and leave from that point discreetly.

Badho is with the calves. She thinks about her dad’s words and of the late insults of savant ji and Payal. Her mom was additionally so severely influenced by it all. Badho says will somebody come who will sincerely adore me. I don’t know whether God has thought of some romantic tale for me. Vardaan brings nourishment for her. She declines yet he reasons that Lattu has gone to bolster mother. You know he won’t acknowledge her no.
Lattu proposes his Dadi to play close radio Bua. She won’t have the capacity to rest generally. Badho embraces a photograph close. She keeps it aside her mom comes. Her mom laments carrying on like this with Komal. Radio plays. They hear a radio critique about today evening time. Badho too understands the critique. At the point when will such a wonderful night come in my life when I will get the chance to witness this night with another person? Her mom says not the moon but rather the sun will come in your life. Relations are framed by daylight. Sunrise will come soon in your life. Rest as you got the chance to see dreams to satisfy them as well. They share an embrace. Badho rests to rest. Her mom clears out.


Badho’s mother asks Raghuvir ji when they will come over for the alliance. Raghuvir ji agrees to come asap. Payal excitedly tells everyone how Viren is coming to see Badho. Viren comes to Badho’s home with Raghuvir ji. Badho’s mother asks Viren why he wants to marry Komal. Viren is taken aback.