Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Launch in 2020, Rumours, Leaks, Specs, Features

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Launch in 2020, Rumours, Leaks, Specs, Features :- Finally, after a long anticipation, Bajaj Auto has re-introduced the iconic Chetak brand in the Indian two-wheeler market. The newly launched Chetak is an all-electric scooter is all set to go on sale in a phased-manner in India.

First Electric Scooter Named Chetak

The company on the other hand is banking on the reputation of the classic India scooter, Bajaj Chetak to deliver the similar success with the new electric scooter.

While in the presence of Union Minister for Road transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, the new scooter has been introduced. The Bajaj company has also flagged off a ground-breaking Chetak Yatra, which begins from New Delhi and is going to cover a range of cities and is also going to end in Pune.

Along with the new Bajaj Chetak, the homegrown automaker also marks the re-entry in the scooter space after almost 2 decades. The Bajaj Chetak nameplate is enormously successful as well as it still carries a following pan-India.

Recently, the Bajaj Auto has started production of its first electric scooter i.e., Chetak at the Chakan plant on September 25, 2019.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Launch in 2020

Bajaj is going to begin selling the new Chetak scooter from January 2020 and Bengaluru and Pune will also be the first two cities to get it. The scooter is also going to be retailed through Bajaj Pro-Biking network.

Talking about Bajaj Chetak features and specifications, it comprises of an IP67 rated high-tech lithium ion battery with NCA cells. The battery on the other hand can be charged with the help of a standard 5-15amp electrical outlet.

The on-board intelligent battery management system (IBMS) controls charge as well as discharge effortlessly. Also, at a small cost, Bajaj is also offering a home-charging station.

Along with this, The Bajaj Chetak offers 2 different drive modes that are City and Sports. The scooter also offers a range of around 95-100 km in City mode as well as around 85 km in Sport mode.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Specification Features

It has regenerative braking system that changes braking heat into kinetic energy, which afterward improves its range. Some additional features comprises of feather touch activated electronic switches as well as sequential srolling LED blinkers. It offers a large all-digital instrument console with clear readabouts.

The powertrain of the scooter also features a unique single-sided cast aluminium swing arm, which houses the traction motor that drives the wheel through a high proficiency automated gearbox.

The design of Bajaj Chetak is basically a retro design with modern features on-board. It also gets a hypnotic horseshoe shaped LED headlamps along with daytime running lights, single-side suspension set-up as well as wider seat and curved panels.