Balochistan Separatist leader Brahamdagh Bugti asks India to grant political asylum to his people

Balochistan: Brahamdagh Bugti who is the Baloch separatist leader has requested India to grant political asylum to the Balochistan’s people. Asking the Indian government to open doors for the Baloch community, the Baloch separatist leader said in an exclusive interview with the NBT that we need political asylum in India.


Bugti praised the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bring the plight of Baloch community to global attention. He asked that Is saying ‘Thank you Modi ji’ a crime.

Since they lauded PM Modi’s call for action against Islamabad for its atrocities against the Baloch people, Pakistan has been cracking down on Baloch activists.

Government of Pakistan has also accelerated the process to obtain the red warrant of Interpol against Bugti. Currently, Bugti resides in Switzerland. Bugti is the grandson of former Chief minister of Balochistan Nawab Akbar Bugti. During a controversial military operation in Kohlu in 2006, Nawab Akbar Bugit was killed.

Bugti said that we see a ray of hope after the statement of PM Modi against the atrocites meted out to Baloch people. Bugti, attacking Pakistan’s atrocities in Gilgit-Balochistan, also said that Pakistan has been scared and acting out, since PM Modi raised the Balochistan issue in his Independence Day speech.


In an exclusive interview, Bugti told Navbharat Times that the Government of Pakistan is using chemical weapons on Baloch people. He added that Our children are dying. The Government of India should grant asylum to us.

In an interview with the NBT, Bugti also urged India to use force on Pakistan to get the Baloch people out of the Pakistan’s atrocious regime. Pakistan can also go to the extent of killing of our entire community after the stand of India on the Balochistan issue and the international support it has garnered.

As Pakistan has begun to internationalize its Kashmir campaign last week, the country was hugely embarrassed after dozens of exiled Baloch activists in Germany came out on Saturday to chant anti-Pakistan protests and to laud Modi for his stand.