Bangalore 4 year old Girl Raped By Security Guard in School!

Bangalore 4 year old Girl Raped By Security Guard in School! :- Very sad news is coming out from the Bangalore where a four-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted at a private school in North Bengaluru. Also, the starting reports are saying that the rape or the Assault was done by the security guard who was on the duty. As per the reports, the police are trying to investigate the case from now and they are waiting for the medical reports.

Well, the whole matter was reported to the police after the child returned home on Tuesday and complained of pain. Suspecting a sexual assault, the parents rushed her to the MSR Ramaiah Hospital and registered a complaint. The formal medical report is pending and after that police can do anything about this case. Right now it is looking that someone from the school did the sexually Assault of the baby girl.

Bangalore 4 year old Girl Raped By Security Guard

Police reports are saying that “We have registered a case based on the complaint of the parents. But we are not getting supporting evidence from the CCTV cameras or medical examination. No guards were seen near the girl… we are waiting for a formal medical report and to talk to the child,”

Well, also the police are trying to question the school staff, and after a long questioning, they took one security guard of the school for questioning. They said cases will also be filed against the school management if any negligence is found in medical reports said the police. Well, the school, located in Dasarahalli area close to the city outskirts.

You all may know that a few days back the same type of news comes out from the Delhi Ryan International School where a 7-year-old boy  Pradyuman Thakur was found dead. Also, the police arrested a conductor of the school bus for the murder. They say he tried to sexually assault the boy and killed him when he resisted.