Bangladeshi Plane with 71 passengers on board Crashed near Kathmandu Airport

Bangladeshi Plane with 71 passengers on board Crashed near Kathmandu Airport : A Bangladeshi plane crashed on Nepal, Near Kathmandu airport with 71 passengers on board. Sources are saying that as firefighters battled to extinguish the burning wreckage and rescue passengers is going on around 15 people are rescued and they are admitted to the hospital. Also, the officials are saying that around 50 people have died and rescue team is recovering the bodies or injured passengers.

Bangladeshi Plane Crashed in Nepal

Even, the plan was on fire by the time it crashed and it burned lots of passengers inside. Rescue workers recovered badly burnt bodies from the wreckage of the plane and it is still going on. Some random people from the sight recorded the video of the accident and posted on Facebook which is showing the towering columns of smoke rising behind the runway, where another plane stood waiting on the tarmac.

Also, the reports are coming that the black smoke is very big as big as football pitch where the plane crashed. Sources are telling that crash took place in the east of the runway at Nepal’s only international airport, in the capital Kathmandu.

Also, the officials are saying that “So far 20 injured have been taken to the hospital. Police and army are trying to cut apart the plane to rescue others,” this is one of the most brutal incidents of so far. The whole world is watching this crash carefully and so far nobody is saying the reason why it happened.

You can see the emergency vehicles appeared to be heading into the smoke as people watched from a distance or filmed on their mobile phones. Also, the airport spokesperson said, “Are trying to bring the fire under control. Details are awaited.” Also, he added, “We’re now concentrating on evacuating the passengers,”