Banished Boys Are Back! MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 19 Today Tasks Result 24th Oct 2015

Banished Boys Are Back! MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 19 Today Tasks Result 24th Oct 2015 : Today is 19th episode of MTV Splitsvilla Season 8 in which All 3 Banished Boys Are Back and ready for a new tasks. Paras, Ishaan and Amaad are in the list of banished boys. Any 1 out of 3 boys will get back entry in the house.  In today’s episode of Splitsvilla 8 Bollywood Actress Sunny Leone is wearing dark blue top in which she was looking gorgeous along with Ranvijay. Now below get complete details of MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 19.

Today Tasks Result MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 19

Splitsvilla 8 Episode 19

1. Ishaan and Subuhi get through this task.

2. Sana and Uttu are struggling to hold on to each other.

3. Yash and Sofiya also struggle to stay connected.

4. Yash and Sofiya win this round.

The eighth season of MTV Splitsvilla is getting interesting with every passing day. If some connections are getting stronger then some prefer to keep changing it with every task to get the immunity. If Karishma Talwar had not become the queen, her exit in the last dumping ground would have become for sure. But the last episode showed us all some interesting twists. The revengeful queen dumped her once upon a time good friend Priyanka Bora and king Prince sent Paras in the banishment zone. Paras still stands a chance to return to the game but what about the rest of them who are eyeing to become the next king and queen.

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Today happened a special task for the banished boys – Paras, Ishaan and Amaad. Whoever wins the task will get the chance to come back to the villa and the remaining two would go directly home. This greasy task was definitely not easy for the banished boys. To fill the pot from the ocean, walk through the greasy plank wasn’t easy at all. The Splitsvillains wanted Ishaan to come back to the villa and not the strong contender Paras. The competition was neck to neck! And guess who won – Ishaan Chhibber. Paras was disheartened but all he wanted was Ishaan to remove Karishma from the villa.

MTV Splitsvilla 24th Oct 2015 Episode Highlights Video Result

The most excited person was Subuhi Joshi for obvious reasons. Now the next task was for the pairs where strength and connection would be tested. Sadly the task would not be played by Zaan and Anuki as they have been voted out by the Splitsvillains and so this pair will go directly to the dumping zone. In the the Airtel Stay Connected competition the couple who will stay clinched to one another till the end will win. At the beginning it looked all easy, but later on the strain started to show up on every couples face. The couple who was out of the game first was Ishaan and Subuhi. The couple who went down next was Utkarsh and Sana and the one who won Yash was Sophiya. The Airtel Stay Connected task was a painful one.

Nothing could have been more glorious than this for Yash and Sophiya as the finale is nearing. This was the most intense task of the season. Sana was really a strong woman. But seeing her connection’s (Utkarsh) pain she gave up. It was just few seconds difference between Utkarsh-Sana and Yash-Sophiya. So for the next dumping ground only Yash and Sophiya are safe and others unsafe. Those who survive the next dumping ground, will enter the finale of MTV Splitsvilla 8.

  • Yash and Sofiya safe from duming zone.
  • Paras & Ammad Evicted from Splitsvilla 8.
  • Ishaan is back in Splitsvilla house.
  • The book of fortune twist.

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