Is Barbara Thore Dead or Alive? What Happened To Whitney Thore’s Mom Babs?

Is Barbara Thore Dead or Alive? What Happened To Whitney Thore’s Mom Babs?:- A number of speculations are being made about the health of Whitney Thore’s mother named Babs Thore. Whitney Thore is a famous American TV personality but nowadays people are talking about her mother. There are various reports that are spreading the news of Babs Thore’s demise. Yes, people have been perplexed after reading Whitney’s mother Babs Thore has passed away. Is that true? Now people and followers of Whitney Thore have started taking over the internet as they are curious to find out if Babs Thore is alive or dead. If you are also curious to know where is Babs Thore then you should read this article till the end. Kindly drag down the page and take a look below.

Is Barbara Thore Dead or Alive What Happened To Whitney Thore's Mom Babs

Is Barbara Thore Dead or Alive?

Let’s first talk about Whitney Thore. She is an American television fame artist who is widely popular for working in a TLC show titled My Big Fat Fabulous Life. But the season 10 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life worried Whitney’s fans as it is reported that her mother Babs Thore suffered a severe stroke during season 10. It seems that this sparked the rumors of Babs Thore’s death. There are lots of reports that are spreading this baseless news and perplexing people about it. But thankfully, she is still alive and recovering from the stroke. Kindly scroll down the page and learn more about her.

As per the source, Babs Thore is doing well and she is fine at her place. As Babs Thore’s health was in limelight during the season 10 this lead the people to worry about her. Thus, her death rumors also picked up speed and started traveling on the internet. A sneak peek of season 10 of MBFFL surfaced on the internet in which Whitney’s dad named Glenn said, “we are taking your mother to the emergency room, it’s scary.” But the American television personality addressed this matter later. Scroll down the page to learn what Whitney said.

Whitney said, “I got a call from my dad” and he informed me that my mother suffered a stroke. She also added, “My heart fell out of my body”. But it is reported that her mother Babs Thore is still alive and in stable condition. It is also reported that her mother was also found positive for Covid-19 but she recovered from it. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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