Barbie blackmails Suhani! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st March 2016 Episode Written Updates

The yesterday night episode of the TV series “Suhani Si Ladki” starts with the Dadi is speaking to the Suhaani to save her from Barbie, about this Suhani said we need right now enough proofs to exposed Barbie. Dadi also thinks about it. Rakhi and Lalita talk about Soumya being pregnant, and they asked Krishna to take care of her.

Barbie blackmails Suhani! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Lalita said to Krishna that if I am giving birth to a kid I will be dying as per the Pandit’s prediction. Rakhi says to do something. Now Lalita said to the Krishna, that please promised me that you won’t let me die, just promise me. Krishna promises to the Lalita about the same.

Now Pratima is rush for the temple; and it is Suhani has been seen worry for Barbie’s evilness. And now Suhani also go outside. Bhavna was busy in the kitchen in cooking food and shocked to know that Suhani is went the outside.

Menka is now decides to leave the house as she is not comfortable here. Menka feels jealous with Rags. Now Suhaani hires an auto and leaves hurriedly. She sees Barbie getting down of the car and hiring an auto. Suhani asks the driver to follow her where now Barbie reached to the hospital. Barbies goes, but Suhani miss to catch her.

Menka says I will go in the party even if Rags will not inviting me. She applies face pack and chooses a dress. Now Menka arrived outside from the washroom in well dressed. Ramesh and Rags laugh at the Menka with their friends. She says she is an entertaining person, which hurts Menka and she goes angry.

Now Barbie had been seen bribing the Doctor that the secret should not comes out that Barbie is not pregnant. Suhani hears everything and gets shocked. She drops a vase and Barbie hears the sound. But thankfully Barbie did not catch Suhani and now Suhani leaves. Suhani thinks that her doubt was right, Barbie is lying; she is not pregnant. She deceived Yuvraj.

Suhani thinks I need to reveal this secret to the family and Yuvraaj. So now Suhani rush towards her house. After coming in the home Suhani wanted to reveal the fact to Yuvraaj that Barbie is not pregnant but unable to do so as Yuvraaj is so much excited for the baby.

Eventually Barbie arrived and humiliated Suhani badly when she finds that it is Yuvraaj was locked in a room with Suhani. So now Suhani decides to reveal Barbie as soon as possible.

But Barbie already threatened Suhani that if Suhani reveals anything about Barbie, it is Barbie will be harm Pratima as Pratima right now is in alone in the temple. Suhani became anxious and pushes Barbie.