Battleground & the culling process! MTV Roadies X4 Episode 6 26th March 2016 Written Updates

The journey of the stunt based reality show the “MTV Roadies X4” is moving towards an entertaining point in which the numbers of the auditions has been all set to finish now. In the last episode of “MTV Roadies X4” we saw that there was a lot of fun but indeed the participants’ went through the lot of challenges which are faced by all the contestants.

MTV Roadies X4

In the last week episode of the stunt based reality show we watched that the two girls came out for the audition but no one has been selected but both made the environment funny and hilarious. Then a pair of mother and son came to Roadies X4 stage and the mother and son pair gives reply to the judges’ questions very nicely.

Now the judges asked the mother to sit on the chair on which current flows and the button was in front of that boy. The boy was asked to push the button and give shock to his mother. The boy shocked to hear so and looked on towards the judges.

The boy is in no mood to do so but the judges said that you have to do so as the Roadies is all about testing your physical and mental condition and also to know how emotional you are. In the tonight episode of “Roadies X4” it will be shown that a boy will come who have molested a girl and will argue to Neha Dhupia. The boy thinks it is right of any guy to tease a girl as the teasing is not something which is shameful. This wills actually annoyed Neha Dhupia.

But gradually the boy will be able to impress the judges and he will be doing the stunts very properly and impressing. A lady also had been selected last week who is victim of an acid attack and when the lady narrates her story, the judges criticised this act harshly.

It is Neha Dhupia also became emotional when she hears the acid attack victim’s story and broken down for while but Ranvijay holds her as well the victim.

Anyway it will be the Lucknow auditions it was too much tougher for the contestants to cross the auditions. And in the Lucknow auditions a boy will impress the judges with his acting and the dancing skills. And the boy had been getting selected. So don’t forget to catch tonight episode of the stunt based reality show “MTV Roadies X4” at 7:00 PM only on the MTV!!