(BB10) Bigg Boss 10 Slaves To Change Fight Hd Video B/W Akanksha & Bani!

(BB10) Bigg Boss 10 Slaves To Change Fight Hd Video B/W Akanksha & Bani! :- Bigg boss says everyday citizens have broken a critical control and to make you comprehend your obligations, Bigg boss is giving one more opportunity to slaves to change a rule of the house. Akansha tries to make Bani sniff sock however Bani pushes her away, Akansha says she is running physical with me, Bani says you putting the sock in my nose, that is not physical? Akansha tosses a rock at her. Lopa removes Manu’s beanie energetically, Manu removes Lopa’s hairband and discard it, he says you are doing incorrectly, she says why did you discard my hairband?



Manu jerks his beanie far from her hands, Lopa charges at him yet Rahul snatches Lopa, she pulls her far from him and says it’s alright. Swami says to Mona that you are hello there fit like Katrina Kaif, Mona says you say anything.

Swami says I am the greatest fake of world Bigg boss I am feeling an excess of warmth here, either mastermind AC here or I will uncover the passage and originate from underneath prison.Gaurav says to Manu that now we men ought to choose that on the off chance that somebody has the battle then we will hop in it as well.

Karan says we will open our arms to stop battle since we can go for a physical battle, Gaurav says or we can simply keep a watch out individuals why should battling end it, Manveer comes and says this is not in regards to simply observing the battle, Gaurav says we just listened to your contentions.

Manveer says when Rahul was guarding Rohan the previous evening, we as a whole turned in, either don’t contend or have loaded with it, Gaurav says on the off chance that you are done making inquiry, would it be a good idea for me to answer it? Manu takes Manveer away, Manveer returns and says regardless of the possibility that Priyanka was acting what was the need to insult her?

She can do anything, Manu says you are correct, how about we end it, we didnt see it.Manveer requests that Lokesh put lemon beads in his sipper. Lokesh says this is to occupy me, Manveer says she is astute however not turning out completely, Lokesh says I will turn out, I am not charming, she takes off.

Manveer says after winter? Manu says they can make her to their side, Priyanka doesn’t make her conflict with you, she resembles the bomb which will wind up rushing in our lair just, Manveer says she doesn’t recognize what to talk, whom to talk. Lokesh returns and says there are lemons.

Manveer requests that say it in camera. Lokesh says in the camera that bigg boss we need more lemon and we need to yogurt as well, so take some yogurt from your neighbor and send us, Manveer asks which front she is on?

Lokesh says you didnt comprehend till now whose side I am on? Manu says she was advising how to cook pringle, she cleared out it on the stove and left from that point. Priyanka and Karan are in the admission room. Bigg boss says you have both got something from your families. bigg boss says you both have pictures and a few desserts from your families, don’t you wanna see pictures?

Karan says on the off chance that you allow, Bigg boss says yes its for you as it were. Priyanka and Karan open an envelope and see photos of their families. Karan kisses picture and gets passionate, he says too bad. He says Priyanka pleasant decision, he demonstrates her Nisha’s (his better half) picture.

She says so adorable, Karan says bigg boss you made us enthusiastic, we were keeping it inside however you brought it out, he requests that Priyanka eats desserts, she appeals to God for his significant other. Karan says Nisha babu thank you so much, I adore you, he softens laddo up half and says half is for Nisha, he eats it and tells thank you bigg boss.