BB9 House Christmas |Family Members |Bigg Boss 9 25th Decemebr 2015 Episode

BB9 House Christmas |Family Members |Bigg Boss 9 25th Decemebr 2015 Episode : The Thursday episode of the controversial reality show “Bigg Boss 9” was an out an out emotional one which begin and ends with an emotional note. The ‘remote control’ task was fun, but it was harsh too. The task creates problem in the house followed by some conflicts. Now the new rules introduced in the house which is about looking like doing complete sacrifice, the contestants were in the house “Bigg Boss” maintain the commands and orders of the “Bigg Boss”. The housemates walked and talked as and when he pleased and ordered. While it is entertaining as well emotional for eyes to see it anyway.

BB9 House Christmas |Family Members |Bigg Boss 9 25th Decemebr 2015 Episode

Bigg Boss 9 25th December 2015 Episode

Kishwer Merchantt, who had her mom sitting in the confession room, was stopped several times by “Bigg Boss” himself and eventually she breakdown when she meet her mother and hug her. Kishwar’s mom appeared in the house. Kishwar had seen very happy to see her mother.

Earlier in by the way, Gizele Thakral is not happy with Prince Narula and Nora Fatehi’s relationship as their midnight conversations disturb her. When Giselle discuss about it with Prince, Prince didn’t liked it.

Meanwhile, the conflict took place between Rishabh and Mandana which turns out to be an ugly spat. The house gang supports Mandana anyway and they stood up against Rishabh. Rishabh is in no mood to seek apology from Mandana.

Their enmity is still continuing tonight. Tonight in the Christmas week welcome by the housemates. In which still fast forward and rewind task is going on. In which as per “Bigg Boss” instruction Keith will be free-zed and the housemates will be having fun with her. They will be watched him in his rewind and fast forward mode.

Priya Mallik’s husband Bhushan will be arriving in the house. Priya cries when she saw her husband eventually will be breakdowns. It will be interesting to see whether “Bigg Boss” will be allows her to meet and greet with her husband or not. Prince will be also breakdown as a member from his family also yet to arrive in the house.

Suyyash will join by his elder sister and Suyyash will be yet to see how he will be welcome his sister as last time when his sister arrived Suyyash can’t meet with her, in fact miss meeting with her but tonight Suyyash will be meeting with his sister.

Arrival of Prince near and dear one will be gift for Prince anyway. About Prince “Bigg Boss” tweeted, “@princenarula88 gets a special gift from #BiggBoss this #Christmas, a visit from his sister! Watch now! #BB9” – “Bigg Boss 9” (@biggboss9).

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About Suyyash sister’s appearance “Bigg Boss 9” tweeted, “An emotional moment for @suyyashrai when his sister visits the #BB9 house only for a few minutes!” – Bigg Boss 9 (@biggboss9)