BB9 New Twist Captain Priya Wins Task Bigg Boss 9 27th Nov 2015 Episode Rimi Go Out Or Not

BB9 New Twist Captain Priya Wins Task Bigg Boss 9 27th Nov 2015 Episode Rimi Go Out Or Not : In the TV serial “Bigg Boss 9” it was 6– contestants got into the car to compete for the captaincy of the “Bigg Boss 9 house” which is also two weeks immunity to grab. Two weeks immunity not the small stuff, in fact it is something huge. Firstly in the task there were friendly laughing atmosphere but eventually it is turn out to be ugly. Even ugly spat took place in which the housemates started harassing the contenders sitting in the car. Waste garbage, food, shampoo bottles, sprays and what not was used in order to make them walk out of the car.

BB9 New Captain Priya Mallik Wins Immunity Task Bigg Boss 9 27th Nov 2015 Episode Written

Bigg Boss 9 27th November 2015 Episode Written Updates

Despite of huge two participants managed to sit for the long time which includes Priya and Prince. Both stayed strong till last.

But as someone had to be declared a winner, “Bigg Boss” asked the two to finish the game in one hour. One person has to anyway leave the game to make the other person winner. Game was not coming to end anyway, as both Priya and Prince were the strong one and managed to sit for the long time.

Reportedly, one person backed out when “Bigg Boss” strictly asked someone to leave the task and emerging out one as winner. It was Priya Mallik who emerged out as winner of the captaincy task apart from 2 weeks immunity. Prince leaves the task at final.

Tonight also”Bigg Boss” will be giving a surprise in which the door of the “Bigg Boss 9” will open for 5 minutes and those who don’t want to live here they can leave the show right now.

“Bigg Boss” himself announces it that whoever wishes to leave the show is free to go.
With such a golden opportunity offered by Bigg Boss himself, everyone expects Rimmi Sen to be the first one to leave the house.

But, to everyone’s surprise, Rimi denies and doesn’t leaved the show. Quite shocking but it is true. Since “Bigg Boss 9” started Rimi is literally cried to leaved the show but when “Bigg Boss” himself giving the opportunity to get evicts from the show, she is denies.

Despite all the housemates confronts Rimi to leave the show, Rimi literally, denies and says she is feared that may be this is another twist of the “Bigg Boss” under which she will be trapping in something else. Rimi’s decision will be makes everyone astounds.

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