BB9 Which Team Win Bhoot Bangla Task Result! Bigg Boss 9 10th December 2015 Episode

BB9 Which Team Win Bhoot Bangla Task Result! Bigg Boss 9 10th December 2015 Episode : The controversial reality show “Bigg Boss 9” is showing ghost drama in which the contestants are raising their voice in the house which is very common in the house anyway. In last night the “Bigg Boss 9” house turns in to the ghosts’ house and the housemates’ get into the skin of their ghost character was undoubtedly effortless for them.

Bhoot team win bhoot bangla task.

BB9 Which Team Win Bhoot Bangla Task Result! Bigg Boss 9 10th December 2015 Episode

Bigg Boss 9 10th Dec 2015 Episode Written Updates

Interestingly, this time “Bigg Bos”s coined this luxury budget task as the “Bhoot Bangla’’ task, in which the participants’ turns in to team which divided into two groups. In two teams the one group is people of “ghosts’’ and other is of the “humans”.

In the “ghost” team there is Kishwer Merchant, Gizele Thakral, Kawaljit Singh, Priya Malik and Suyyash Rai are playing. Their aim is to disturb human. These 5 people need to make human scared, and they should walk and talk like ghost.

While in the “huma”’ team there are- Mandana Karimi, Rochelle Rao, Rishabh Sinha, Prince Narula and Nora Fatehi. Keith was the “sanchalak” of this task. They are playing the roles of human.

As the task progressed, the fear quotient increased and the ghosts began to annoy humans. So obviously between this fights and arguments took place as per expectation but gradually it turn out to be ugly spat. Contestants in the ghost team, who had don a scary look, didn’t leave a single chance to harass the house mates.

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Tonight in the second level of the task, there will be no interchange of the teams. Being in their own team, now the humans need to destroy all the props and skeletons hanging in the garden area in order to win the task. If successfully the human can destroy the property of “ghost team” then human will be win the task.

So to win the task house mates will be seen snatching and pulling the skeletons hanging on the tree. Ghost will be preventing them to do so, which they, actually allowed to do.

So now human will be trying their best to destroy the property and ghost will be prevent them to do so. In this process the house mates’ will be became physical with each other and massive conflict will be taking place.

It will be interesting to see whom Keith will be announce as the winning team and interestingly in the team of human there is Keith girl friend Rochelle. So, Rochelle is already expecting to be emerging her team to win.

Apart from the task playing and winning stuffs, also tonight it will be shown that Prince and the wild card entrant Nora Fatehi will be falling in love. The younger duo spends quality time with each other which disturbs other housemates.

It is seems by the way Rishabh also likes Nora but Nora is getting close to Prince.