BCCI v Lodha panel: Cricketers come out in support of IPL

BCCI v Lodha panel: Cricketers come out in support of IPL :- The spat between BCCI and Lodha Panel is turning into massive one. The officials of BCCI and Lodha Panel is now on the verge of commencing their clash in the supreme court in upcoming time. BCCI’s president Anurag Thakur recently made a comment that if we will implement the Lodha Panel, then we will have to either abandoned the 10 edition of IPL or will have to take India out of the Champions Trophy.


Anurag Thakur has openly based on Justice Lodha for suggesting him to be a 15-day window before and after the Indian Premier League. Anurag informed media wing that ” Lodha’s suggesting will not work as IPL will end in the last week of May and Champions Trophy will kick off from the 1st June of 2017.”
This rivalry has stunned the world, on the other side numbers of Cricketers are coming out to support IPL and raise their voice to support BCCI. Former India Wicketkeeper batsman, Parthiv Patel came in support of IPL and told ANI reporters that ” IPL has changed Indian cricket for good, we learned so much from the veteran world & national players: Parthiv Patel on Lodha committee report.”

Meanwhile, Irfan Pathan told media wing ” I think from groundsmen to the entire country, IPL has benefited people across all sections of life.” Former Indian off-spinner and former Mumbai Indian captain Harbhajan Singh informed media wing ” IPL is not a “tamasha” Lodha sir, it is for the young to showcase their talent; its one of the fav tournaments of ppl.”

Well, it will be interesting to see how many cricketer will come more in support of IPL as IPL has been the prime financial pool for the Cricketers all round the world especially West Indies Cricketers who rely heavily on the income from IPL.