Be Prosperous: 7 Solutions for Main Issues with Academic Papers

As you have probably already discovered, writing in a college is different from that in high school. In a college, there are a handful of points that you can be tested on. Besides, all academic papers have different formats (APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.) Therefore, academic writing can be the reason why most students fail in degrees. The complex structure of papers and urgent deadlines give way for students to make mistakes.essay-writing

We have explained in details some of the major issues that students have with academic papers. Find the good solution for each in this article as well.

1.  Failure to Connect with the Audience

Realistically, the immediate audience of your essay is either your professor or classmates. Most students forget that each topic is addressed to a particular audience. It should be addressed to the needs and expectations of that particular audience adequately. Failure to understand the audience makes most students go off topic. This is always a recipe for failure. To avoid this, students are required to first understand the audience:

  • what the stance of the audience on the topic is.
  • what the audience know about the topic.

2.  Word Choice

Up to date, most students believe that complex vocabularies allow getting more marks in an academic paper. Well, the rule at High School Journalism says that you should write to express not to impress. Using complex words in your academic papers will only impress. Don’t fail to achieve the prime goal of communicating a specific message to the target audience! A good student will use rather simple vocabularies that are not clichés.

3.  A Poorly Formulated Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the most important sentence in an academic paper. Students are expected to structure their ideas from it. Those who have a wrong thesis statement end up failing in that particular paper. Before you can even start writing the introduction for an essay, you should first come up with a thesis statement. This statement should clearly declare your stance and be either in the first or second paragraph. What most students don’t know is that this is the first sentence that most examiners look for when marking your paper. Make it easy for the scholar to see the thesis statement formulated properly.

4.  Mistakes in Referencing Styles

There are some citation and referencing styles that each student is supposed to follow while writing. Different educational institutions have their preferences in styles (APA, MLA, Harvard or Chicago). A proper citation is a major concern for most students from all over the globe. The wrong cited words end up either being wrong or plagiarized. And, as we all know colleges and universities penalize plagiarized work mercilessly. To make it easier for you as a student, first, determine the referencing style preferred by your instructor and, then write down sources when you conduct your research. If this is not something that you are not familiar with, seek quick help with editing.

5.  Time Management Issues

Time is always an issue when it comes to studying, whether there is no time or there is the lack of it. Most students prefer to start working at the last minute. If you like doing the same, there are high chances that the submission date will find you not ready. This only happens because most students, including you, have poor time management skills. By managing time effectively, you can ensure that your assignments are completed on time. The first step in the effective time management is to set your priorities right. Focus more on what brought you to your college.

6.  Grammatical Errors

Poor grammar is another major issue when it comes to writing academic papers. For native English speakers, grammar comes quite natural but the same cannot be said for people who have English as their second or third language. Today, these errors can be avoided if you have time to proofread your work. You can rely on a qualified proofreader to get rid of possible mistakes in grammar, punctuation or spelling. Alternatively, you can copy your text and paste it into any online software. The great benefit of using such a tool is that it is available 24 hours a day.

7.  Nervousness

Being nervous during a test is natural. Indeed, the mild adrenaline produced in your body helps sharpen your sense of awareness. However, if you get too nervous this will affect you negatively. When you get too nervous, take deep breaths and try as much as possible to relax. You would also do a major favor for yourself if you prepare well in advance for an academic paper – extensive research, note-taking, outlining, etc. Keep in mind that you need several days to do your best, not an hour.

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