Be Ready: Modi Govt is about to Deposit Rs 10,000 In Your Bank Accounts!

Be Ready: Modi Govt is about to Deposit Rs 10,000 In Your Bank Accounts!: – As per the reports, Modi government is working on something which they said a year ago during the election of PM. Sources reports are coming that after the 3 years of government now finally the PM Modi could work for the promise he made a year ago. Reports are coming that to secure the maximum number of votes in the upcoming elections or maybe to earn a conduct all at once again, Modi govt is coming up with the new scheme.

Modi Govt

Sources reports are saying that the government is saying that, if you have a bank account then get ready for a cash bonanza from PM Narendra Modi. Yes! You are reading it right, reports are coming that the government is working way too hard to earn the respect which he maintained during the elections and lost in these three years. You need to understand that people aren’t that much happy as they expected during the elections.

You can expect this gift early next month and surely you all are going to get something good. This step is being taken to the douse the fire caused by rising prices and unemployment like problems. You might also get the same on February 1st itself when the RBI will announce its mighty 2018 Budget. This comes under the note that the government is planning to extend the Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana, which expires in August.

We are sure that this service is going to make you all amazed and it is for you of course for sure. Reports are coming that the government is also considering doubling the overdraft amount under the scheme, which may be used to disburse loans to promote entrepreneurship. As per the scheme you can get the overdraft of Rs 5000 will be given if the account is operated satisfactorily for six months.

Reports are coming that in this scheme including this amount is likely to be doubled to Rs 10,000 in the budget. This facility is given to just one account per household, preferably account in name of the female family member only.