A Beginner’s Guide to Looking After a Motorcycle

You invested your last penny in this beauty and you may have even gotten into an argument with your wife or parents for buying a motorcycle. The engine exhales manhood and roughness, the chromed handlebar reflects more light than a mirror, and everything smells like new.

Now that you finally own the motorcycle of your dreams, you’re ready to travel all around the country wearing nothing but a helmet and a cool leather jacket. Everything is in place – your empty wallet rests inside the jacket’s main pocket, the cool new boots are ready to take you out for a spin, and your new helmet will ensure maximum visibility and protection against shocks and impacts.

However, the minute you roll on the throttle, the value of your brand new ride decreases, especially if you don’t take proper care of it. Here is how to keep it in perfect condition for the years to come.

Don’t abuse the speedometer

If you purchased a brand new motorcycle, the first 700 miles are crucial. This is also named the break-in period and must be taken seriously if you want your vehicle to last longer. During the break-in period, you shouldn’t ride at speeds higher than 50 mph until the new engine parts start to wear and adjust to the proper operating state.

After reaching those 1000 miles, you’re free to test your bike on various types of roads and weather conditions. You can ride it on bumpy roads, switching from higher to lower speeds and testing the engine, brakes, and other components. This will give you an accurate idea of how often the oil and the brakes need to be changed.

Invest in quality grooming products

Whenever one of the pieces of your bike breaks or wears off, it is best to replace the original with a similar product from the same company and motorcycle model. Although some parts are designed to be universal, it’s always best to invest in high-end brands that are known for the superior quality of their products.

That being said, you can start searching online for replacement mirrors, brakes or tires. As for the “grooming” accessories, you should only opt for quality oils and even look online for a top with the best lubes to ensure the chains run smoothly for longer.

Make sure the tires are not flat

Before any ride, take a few moments to check the pressure of your tires and see if there is any need for air. Tires are best checked when it’s cold outside because that’s when they show accurate air pressure and can be filled with the perfect amount of air.

A tire pressure gauge and a simple air pump are all the accessories you need to have perfectly pressured tires in the comfort of your own garage, without having to spend money on this operation.

Watch out for cold temperatures

A motorcycle’s engine is sensitive and needs to be handled with care, especially during the cold season. Although we advise you not to take your vehicle for a ride in temperatures below 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit, it is entirely up to you.

If, however, you decide to take your motorcycle for a spin, never rip the throttle when the engine is still cold as this can cause severe damage.

Clean the air filter

Air filters can get easily clogged with dust, dirt, and debris, which may result in improper combustion. In order to avoid that, you need to have the air filter checked, cleaned, and replaced regularly.

If you live in a polluted city, we recommend switching to a brand new air filter every 6,000 miles or so.