Know the benefits of Selenium

Do you want to master testing applications? Do you cherish automation and love the idea of having the knowledge of advanced techniques at your finger-tips? Then a course certification on Selenium is the way to go.

3 skills that can take you all the way

  1. Basics of programming
  2. Python
  3. Basics of Java

It is not mandatory to possess this skill set. It can also be developed on the way. However, prior knowledge proves to be quite helpful in grasping concepts with deeper understanding.

Top 6 job roles that are available for Selenium Certified Professionals-

  1. Automation Testing
  2. QA Engineer
  3. Quality Engineer
  4. Automation Analyst
  5. Testing Engineer
  6. Web development enthusiast

It is interesting to note that career growth opportunities are tremendous with a Selenium online certification. The average salary for a Selenium certified professional in the US is $94k. That is quite a pay, and you would certainly want to grab it!

Top 6 features of Selenium

  1. Browser Automation
  2. It is not one tool, it is a suite of tools
  3. Robust browser based-regression testing.
  4. Scaling and distribution across several platforms
  5. Aids exploration in testing
  6. Bug reproduction scripts

Selenium is a champ due to its potential and the possibilities it offers. Which is why it is all the rage with organizations right now who are clamouring to hire Selenium certified experts.  You can also become a much sought after professional by enrolling in a Selenium course and gaining hands-on Selenium skills.

3 product versions of Selenium

  1. Selenium Web Driver- This is primarily used for automation through injection of JavaScript functions.
  2. Selenium IDE-This Integrated Development Environment is ideal for producing test cases as it functions easily as an extension of your web browser.
  3. Selenium Grid- In other words, Selenium 2.0 has primarily included a new feature of the Web Driver API. This makes programming more efficient and concise.

The concepts you will learn about in a Selenium course-

  1. Locators and Object Identification
  2. Java
  3. Junit
  4. TestNG
  5. Maven Project Management tool
  6. Database testing using web driver
  7. RESTful services

7 key aspects crucial for fundamental understanding of Selenium-

  1. Flow Control
  2. Arrays
  3. Object-Oriented Programming
  4. String manipulation
  5. Exceptions
  6. IO Streams
  7. Boolean Classes

A course in Selenium drives you through the critical understanding of not only a testing and automation framework but also functions at the core level of programming know-how. The concepts highlighted above are immensely beneficial in excelling at any advanced modern day programming tool.

The Selenium course can help you, even if you are just looking forward to a greater understanding of concepts.

Top 10 highlights of this course

  1. In-depth Course material – The course offers expansive course material and video lectures on all areas included in the syllabi. To be specific, you will cover all aspects of Selenium IDE and Selenium Web Driver applications.
  2. Extensive course work – Any course not only provides knowledge but also offers a deeper understanding of the form of hands-on experience on the tool. You will learn key techniques that you can apply in your day to day job role.
  3. Access to innumerable resources- This course leads you to an unlimited opportunity for exploration via blogs, editorials, newsletters and other enrolment subscriptions.
  4. Learn on any platform – Being an online course, it has the advantage of being translated to any platform like your mobile, laptop or even TV. As long as you’re learning, it really doesn’t matter.
  5. Lifetime opportunity for growth- This certification provides lifetime access and enrolment. It is wonderful to see how one course can open up an entire kaleidoscope of varied areas of learning and growth.
  6. Widened career scope – As a certified Selenium Professional, you will not only have a stronger grasp over your work, but your career graph as a Testing and Automation Engineer is bound to ascend.
  7. Certification – You will earn a certificate that testifies your hard work and knowledge.
  8. Exposure to advanced topics- A course also offers highlights of areas that branch further from these course topics in Selenium. It is entirely your call to accept this knowledge and choose to learn more like a budding web developer.
  9. Webinars- Innumerable webinars are offered online as part of this course that allows you to interact and enhance your skills.

It is overwhelming to see this framework spread its wings of web applications and automation so swift and wide. Why wait to get ahead? Beat the odds and join the Selenium tribe.