Bengaluru: Hunger Games Started In The Indira canteen!

Bengaluru: Hunger Games Started In The Indira canteen! :- It was quick dealing at the Indira Canteens on the second-day post this was started. But various people said that post they visited the canteens in the whole city Bengaluru, came away disappointed as they either have to wait for the long period or mostly the food already being sold in the morning.

Lack of centralized kitchens creates mess

There are no centralized kitchens mostly in the various places, the food was being cooked in a wedding hall at the Palace Grounds and this food in massive number supplied to the canteens, which clearly depicts that there is hurry reportedly for the state government to get projects in higher number without any proper arrangements’.

Bengaluru: Hunger Games Started In The Indira canteen

However the each assembly constituency is supposed to have a centralized kitchen so that meal preparation will be done properly and perfectly, only six of the 28 assembly constituencies are blessed to have kitchens, while the rest are still in the procedure to have kitchens.

Food not served on time

At some places people waited for their food to come post they made their orders and as per various reports remaining food was being sold out as soon as it arrived. “Breakfast was served at 7.30am as scheduled.

But lunch, was supposed to be served at 12.30 pm, was delayed by almost two hours” said Mr. Joseph, a mechanic, and he also shares his experiences post he arrived at the canteen in Shanthala Nagar in ward number 111. He noticed that in other canteens food was sold out within minutes and those who came later did not get anything to eat.

Not enough quantity

mostly people were not satisfied with the quantity of meal which they were being served. Although it was scheduled that 300 grams of rice, 150 grams of sambar and 50 grams of chutney, and as per the public opinion this is the very small quantity of food for them and most customers complained regarding the same.

“We doubt if the rice supplied to us was 300 grams. Perhaps one plate of food was divided into two to meet the demand,” said Mr Rajeshwaran, a visitor at a canteen in Chaluvadi Palya.

Demand for ragi balls

Many visitors who visit the canteens felt the need for ragi balls on the menu as this food item is the filling.
Crowd pullers across classes. Though the Indira Canteens are meant mainly to feed the working class, several homemakers and college students from the good and well families are also coming to taste the sample of the meal.

They joined daily wagers, auto rickshaw drivers, and police constables who are standing there for the meal in this canteen.

Mayor calls for patience

Asked about the main visible problems of the canteen is, Mayor G Padmavathi said regarding this, and also said very soon she will be sorted out the whole thing.

“It will be being controlled in one week. Feeding thousands of people are not so easy, she stated, also admitting that the food was cooked in a wedding hall in the Palace Grounds then this meal is supplied to the canteen.

As for the poor quantity of food served, she denied and said she is also having a lack of man power to help her. And in act of responding to the demand for the addition of ragi balls on the menu, she said, “First let us stabilize things we will be thinking of adding ragi balls.”