Bengaluru: Middle-Aged Couple Killed in Accident, Grandkid Remains

Bengaluru: Middle-Aged Couple Killed in Accident, Grandkid Remains :- Bengaluru: A moderately aged couple, who were coming back from a doctor’s facility subsequent to getting their granddaughter treated, were pulverized to death after their bike went under a transport on Sirsi Circle Flyover on Mysuru Road close Nalanda Theater at an early stage Tuesday morning.

Their six-year-old granddaughter who was on the bicycle had a wonderful escape and endured just minor wounds.The perished, Anthony Joseph (55) and his better half Sagai Mary (52), occupants of Jagjivan Ram Nagar, were going alongside their granddaughter on a Honda Activa bike when the mishap happened.

The couple had taken their weak granddaughter to St. Martha’s healing center on Nrupatunga Road around 11.30 pm on Monday night and were heading back home around 1.45 am on Tuesday.

Bengaluru: Middle-Aged Couple Killed in Accident

As they were crossing the Sirsi Circle Flyover, a Tamil Nadu government transport, bearing the enrollment number TN-29-N-2540 that was purportedly being driven heedlessly, hit the bike from behind.

The couple tumbled on their right side and the transport kept running over them, slaughtering them on the spot. The young lady got away as she fell on the left half of the street and managed minor wounds.

The transport driver ceased the transport instantly and fled the spot dreading open wrath. The Chickpete movement police, who achieved the spot, moved the harmed young lady to a healing center, while the collections of the perished were sent to Victoria Hospital for after death.

The Chickpete activity police have enlisted a case and are searching for the charged driver. Rs 3 lakh alleviation declared, Chamrajpet MLA B.Z. Zameer Ahmed Khan has declared Rs 3 lakh remuneration to the kinfolk of the perished couple. They were inhabitants of Jagjivan Ram Nagar, the zone that falls under Mr Khan’s voting demographic.