BenQ CH100 Portable LED projector Officially Launched in India

BenQ CH100 Portable LED projector Officially Launched in India :- The Taipei- Based technology company, Ben Q has finally announced the first Portable LED projector in India on Wednesday, 28 December 2016. The projector is CH100 Projector and company claims that they have designed this projector mainly for the Web designers and graphic artist as they have manufactured it keeping in mind the needs and requirements of them.The portable projector is launched in Indian with the price tag of Rs. Rs 1, 50,000. It is believed that this projector delivers the picture with Full- HD resolution and accurate picture quality with sRGB color fidelity.

The managing director of Ben Q India in a recent interview said that ” We are passionate about design ourselves and we know that the creative professionals will go to any length to breathe life into their ideas.”

Check out below for the detailed specification of BenQ CH100 Portable LED Projector:

1. It supports projecting the large 81-inch images from just two meters away, and the best thing about this projector is that it can be activated instanly and has the lifetime of 20,000 hours Led light.

2. It has 5 picture mode settings and uses the new creativity ideas with a short throw. It is an ideal projector for the business people who always looks to reveals projects at numbers of business meetings.

3. The device comes with the optional QCast wireless Full HD 1080 p streaming dongle that can also be used by the user at the time of projection.

4. The LED light installed in the projector helps in making image quality for filtered with saturated colors along with triggering the Helmholtz- Kohlrausch effort to boost up the CH 100 perceived brightness that will appear twice as bright.

Well, the portable project looks one of the devices which will have a bright future in India.